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insure against something

to guard or protect against something. You must insure against theft and fire. I will insure against all risks.
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insure someone or something (against something) (for something)

to provide insurance for someone or something against certain perils up to a certain amount of money. I insured my wife against accidental death for $100,000. We insured the car for its current value against all losses.

insure someone or something with something

to provide insurance for someone or something from a specific company. I insured Amy with a fine old insurance company. We insured the car with Acme Insurance in Adamsville.
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The most costly insurable event in 2014 was winter storm damage done in February across Japan, which tallied insured losses of $3.
One mechanism of minimizing risk is insurance--which only works for insurable risks.
Supreme Court, the essential aspect of insurable interest is that the policy be obtained in good faith and not for speculating on a life in which the purchaser has no interest.
Part III examines the sections of the 2009 amendment relating to insurable interest, the insured's duty of disclosure, the interpretation of contractual clauses, double insurance, and insurance fraud.
Find out what your property is realy worth with an insurable replacement cost analysis today.
This insurable interest requirement dates back to nineteenth-century
The appraiser assumes no liability for and does not guarantee that any insurable value estimate inferred from this report will result in the subject property being fully insured for any loss that may be sustained.
Currently, an unmarried DOD retiree without dependent children may elect to have another person with an insurable interest as the SBP beneficiary; however, if that beneficiary dies, designation of another insurable interest is not allowed.
Insurable expenses can include the costs of notifying customers, shipping and disposing of a recalled product, repairing and replacing the product, and refunding customer payments.
The Service asserts that A lacked an insurable interest in the lives of the 2,435 employees insured under the P policies.
The Bellwin scheme is named after former Department of the Environment Minister Lord Bellwin and provides reimbursement for local authorities in the event of a disaster or emergency, for cash spent on emergency action which is not insurable.
The Court answered "yes" to the question, finding that Debra had sufficient insurable interest under the facts of the case to qualify as an insured subject to full policy benefits.
Bustle says all the rugs are hardy, insurable and wear well.
Since a disease is an insurable event, each DRG represents the average resources needed to treat patients grouped to that DRG relative to a national average.
Even better, if the co-owners are insurable and the business can afford it, it's best to fund 100 percent of the buy-sell agreement with insurance.