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read the fucking instructions

rude slang An exclamation of frustration and exasperation directed at someone who has asked a question or series of questions that have already been answered in the instructions for something. Would you stop asking such boneheaded questions and just read the fucking instructions? I don't have time to hold your hand on every project we do. I don't understand how you could be having so many problems installing the software. Read the fucking instructions, dude.

Read the fucking instructions!

and RTFI
exclam. & comp. abb. Simply read the instructions. (Usually objectionable.) RTFI! It’s really very simple.
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References in classic literature ?
There can be no end gained," pleaded the lawyer -- "forgive me for saying so -there can really be no useful end gained by my showing you the instructions.
Pendril quietly took the written instructions from his pocket.
Your instructions on both these points you will find detailed in the next paragraph.
Magdalen's resolution to possess herself of the Instructions did not appear to have produced a favorable impression on the lawyer's mind.
She slowly reached her hand to the copy of the Instructions, and slowly folded it up again, in the shape in which it had been presented to her.
Pendril put the Instructions back in his pocket, considered a little, and, turning toward Norah and Miss Garth, recalled their attention to the present and pressing necessities of the time.
But I must take my instructions back to London with me to night.
If robbery for the purpose of gain was at the bottom of the conspiracy, the Colonel's instructions absolutely made the Diamond better worth stealing.
More words followed these, providing if my lady was dead, or if Miss Rachel was dead, at the time of the testator's decease, for the Diamond being sent to Holland, in accordance with the sealed instructions originally deposited with it.
Or leave the instructions on the table, and I will send for the nearest solicitor to complete them in your place.
However, a malicious rogue of a skipper went to an officer, and pointing to me, told him, "I had not yet trampled on the crucifix;" but the other, who had received instructions to let me pass, gave the rascal twenty strokes on the shoulders with a bamboo; after which I was no more troubled with such questions.
They are not hard to use; they are all on the web, and if you have a problem with the instructions, the correct thing to do is not to get the judge to use a different instruction but to email the committee and say, 'Look, what you had before is better, and this is why' and let the committee consider it to see if a change should be made in the reorganized instructions," Artigliere said.
This facilitates compilation of a set of instructions for a given case and lessens the chance of mistakenly omitting a necessary instruction.
Supports for improved instruction Schools and districts can support improved science instruction by providing access to appropriate assistive and instructional technologies and modified curricular materials.
The participants were 15 graduate students at a university in Japan who were enrolled in a course in learning, instruction, and evaluation.