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instill someone with something

to imbue or impress someone with something. Her story instilled us all with courage. She instilled us with courage.
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instill something in (to) someone

to impress something into someone's mind. You need to remember your manners. I want to instill that into you. Good manners were instilled in me at home.
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instill something in(to) something

to add something to a situation. The presence of the mayor instilled a legitimacy into the proceedings. Sharon sought to instill a little levity in the meeting.
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In recognition of this shortage, the nation's leading youth service organization, the Boy Scouts of America, is recognizing National Mentoring Month this January as part of its ongoing efforts to instill leadership qualities among American youth and encourage individuals to consider becoming a mentor in their communities.
E-sourcing dramatically reduces transaction costs, increases market transparency, and instills discipline and consistency into the sourcing process by forcing enterprises to follow detailed specifications and by providing a single platform for standardization and knowledge management.
Baylor Law School's program instills in our students that the law, and their privilege as members of the bar, must be used to serve all the citizens of our state and nation, including most importantly, those who are marginalized," Brad Toben, dean of Baylor Law School, said.
Veritas Christian Academy of Houston exists to support Christian families in their God-given responsibility to educate their children by providing a Christ-centered, biblically directed education that instills the vision and practice of excellence in academics, character, discipleship, and service to others.
The emphasis on continuous improvement that ISO 9001:2000 instills will support our external and internal drive toward excellence.
Drawing from the rich history of the Wright brothers, Inventing Flight will launch a once in a lifetime experience that instills joyful enthusiasm for new ideas.