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instill someone with something

to imbue or impress someone with something. Her story instilled us all with courage. She instilled us with courage.
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instill something in (to) someone

to impress something into someone's mind. You need to remember your manners. I want to instill that into you. Good manners were instilled in me at home.
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instill something in(to) something

to add something to a situation. The presence of the mayor instilled a legitimacy into the proceedings. Sharon sought to instill a little levity in the meeting.
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I think they are the same values that Sir Matt Busby instilled in Manchester United, making the two clubs more similar than they realise.
Of his mother, Malone says, "She is dedicated and passionate, and through her love for golf has instilled possibility and hope into many broken lives.
Together, we instilled in one another the inspiration and confidence to chase down dreams and ride them out, whether it be for eight seconds or for a whole lifetime.
Because discrimination against Haitians is aligned with racism against all people of color, the pride my parents instilled in me around being Haitian translated easily to the fight against racism, the fight for immigrant rights and the rights of incarcerated people.
Under Jay Koven's leadership, Ambassador Construction has continued the philanthropic spirit instilled by his father and grandfather, Louis Friedman, since the company's inception over 40 years ago.
It must be instilled at the junior high school level.
3 cc) instilled into the bulla lumen gradually drained into the hiatus semilunaris superior through the patent bulla ostium.
More than that, they are better people, stripped of prejudices and instilled with discipline.
The risks associated with the hand-held microkeratome blade historically used to create the LASIK corneal flap have, quite naturally, instilled a certain amount of fear and hesitancy in potential patients.
Even at that tender age, I was impressed and positively affected by the positive and progressive articles that instilled in me then, and now, a sense of pride and a desire to accomplish.
Added magic is instilled by the wondrously facile Ellen Geer as the stage manager, whose homey, exquisitely timed commentary guides the flow of Wilder's masterpiece through three stages in the life of this timeless community.
UltrastHystero when instilled in the uterus, moderately distends the cavity and provides a negative ("black") contrast to enhance visualization of pathologies, such as endometrial polyps and/or sub-mucosal fibroids.