instigate to do

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instigate someone to do something

to prompt someone to do something; to urge or cause someone to do something. Are you the one who instigated Terry to start all this trouble? Did you instigate the children to do this?
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In 2006, Instigate became one of the founding members of the RPOA, whose mission is to educate the market about RPO, incorporate common metrics and comparative information, develop and enforce certifications, and promote RPO benefits.
The article 2 of the section states that any member of health services found guilty of going or attempting to go, calling or attempting to call, participating or attempting to participate, instigating or attempting to instigate and observing or attempting to observe a strike or demonstration for whatsoever reasons, shall be liable to be dismissed from service.
He added, "Tearing down Sadr's pictures reflect a wicked plan by the enemy to instigate the Iraqis' sentiments, especially the Sadrists.
The delegates also agreed to ban portraits, banners and ads that might instigate trouble or sectarian
2, 2005, following a fight with a fellow officer, even though he did not instigate it and had received satisfactory and exemplary marks in annual reviews in 2003 and 2004.
Protestant and Catholic Churches have joined forces to instigate the Christian pavilion, conceived as a place for contemplation amid the sensory overload of the Expo site.
EDA and IP product sales and marketing firm, Laflin Limited, announced today that it has updated its portfolio to include Instigate Design's Proximus product.
The party also considered that "by committing such murders, the US is trying to instigate strife among the Iraqis themselves
Nazir had developed a modus operandi for carrying out timber smuggling in which he used to instigate stone-pelting on police by funding some of his associates.
The wheezing and coughing of asthma result when immune cells instigate inflammation in lung tissue, usually in response to an irritant such as cold air, dust, or smoke.
Wooten instigate an ultimate tap "challenge" to the Irish steppers.
However, Vanco Sehtanski, director of the State Inspectorate for Local Self-Government, announced that he will instigate other procedures to stop this decision.
Summary: Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Thursday against attempts to instigate sectarian strife, urging Lebanese not to jump to conclusions before investigations into security incidents are concluded.
Are we to believe that the movers and the shakers and the experts in conspiracy are going to instigate such a stupid search without having it play out exactly as they intend, despite the incredible double talk of Bush?
it could instigate convection in the Japan Sea, argues Doron Nof, an oceanographer at Florida State University in Tallahassee.