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Existing Red Carpet users can install the new version by subscribing to the Red Carpet channel through their existing Red Carpet client software.
Our goal is to install NCR RealPrice in all of our stores over time.
Because the NCR RealPrice solution is completely wireless from ceiling to shelf, it is easy to install, and store layout changes and resets can be made with minimal disruption to operations.
The Snap Server was just as easy to install as they say it is.
Instant Install Challenge contestants were asked to plug in the Snap Server, turn it on and connect the Ethernet cable into a network file server located at the Snap Appliances booth.
At PC EXPO 2000, Quantum Corporation's DLT and Storage Systems Group (NYSE:DSS) is showcasing the ease-of-use and multi-protocol capabilities of its new Snap Server product line with live demonstrations and the Quantum Snap Server Instant Install Challenge.
The Instant Install Challenge shows potential customers how easy it really is to install the Snap Server.
Distribution packages created using PictureTaker are smart; they can install themselves perfectly on diverse target PCs.
Since PictureTaker can install software to secured NT workstations, a corporation can take full advantage of NT's security while letting an ASP install and administer the software on their desktops.
than any other product available and is easier to install and manage
In addition, Reeves Southeastern furnishes and installs private-label fencing home improvement products.
Double- and staggered-stud walls are also more expensive, take longer to install and by themselves provide less sound insulation than QuietRock.
With features that reduce the time and effort required of IT managers to install and deploy, the new software will play a major role in providing data protection to millions of mobile PCs.
The many developer benefits of the Springboard platform include the open-faced communication-ready Springboard slot, built-in set-up, install and de-install applications on every module, flexible power management, low-cost components for hardware implementation and a built-in microphone in every Spring-board compatible product to support voice recording, voice recognition and communication modules.