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inspire someone with something

to use something to inspire someone; to stimulate or encourage someone with something. The president inspired us all with patriotic speeches. She inspired us all with her story of heroism.
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inspire something in someone

to stimulate a particular quality in someone. You do not particularly inspire trust in me. She inspires fear in me.
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It ranges then from the importance and reliability of Paul's emphasis on the Resurrection to the untidy ending of Mark's Gospel and the arguments, not only for reinstating John as author or inspirer of the Gospel bearing his name, but for regarding it as a vital historical source as well as a theological and philosophical reflection.
Even Evangelicalism, a powerful inspirer of missionary ventures, can no longer be understood as 'anti-Enlightenment'.
The employees were on board the Inspirer, a 72 ft, pounds 800,000 yacht which has taken part in the BT round the world yacht challenge.
Pan in the Mountains of Arcadia," with a short epigraph from Anghelos Sikelianos's "Pan," focuses on that nature god's function as inspirer of desires and dreams rather than on a description of the mountain and that superhuman creature.
Teams also need a champion--an individual who serves as the motivator or inspirer of change.
Serge Kampf's immense contribution, founder (in 1967), leader and inspirer of the Group during 45 years, by the solemn bestowing of the title of Honorary Chairman of the Cap Gemini and appointing him vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.
IN MERSEY | In the Mersey today, | Philipp, a container vessel coming from and returning to Spain; Wes Gasa, a container vessel; OOCL Belgium, a container vessel coming from and returning to Canada; Sophia, a container vessel coming from Portugal and sailing on to Ireland; Vos Inspirer, a supply/support vessel in for a crew change; Bunun Champion, a bulk carrier carrying steel coils from the Republic of Korea; Stolt Puffin, a chemical tanker carrying caustic potash liquor from Belgium.
D'ailleurs, nous sommes en contact avec elles pour nous inspirer de leur experience dans ce domaine.
Elle a, par ailleurs, emis le souhait que les causeries religieuses du professeur Abbes Jirari, puissent inspirer et avoir une influence sur les chercheurs en pensee islamique et en litterature marocaine.
I salute the freedom fighter and the peace negotiator and maker, the military commander and the inspirer of peaceful resistance, the relentless militant and the statesman.
The four XL Enhanced ultra harsh environment jack-up rigs are based on the design of the Mxrsk Innovator and the Mxrsk Inspirer, the world s largest and most advanced jack-up drilling rigs.
Quand vous rencontrez un probleme comme celui-ci, vous devez vous inspirer des exemples des autres.
Dans ce message, le Souverain fait part aux membres de la famille du defunt, et a travers eux, a sa grande famille mediatique, notamment a Radio Tanger, et a l'ensemble de ses amis et admirateurs, de Ses vives condoleances et de ses sentiments de sincere compassion, priant le Tout-Puissant de leur inspirer patience et consolation, comme dit dans le Saint Coran: "Seuls ceux qui sont patients seront remuneres sans compter".
With more than 200 innovations, iOS 5 version is the last development of Steve Jobs, Apple's popular chairman, inventor and inspirer.
The liquidation of the leader and inspirer of Al Qaeda is an act of just retribution for the numerous victims of extremism.