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insinuate oneself into something

to work oneself into a group or situation. She had sought for years to insinuate herself into Terry's organization. Must you always insinuate yourself into my set of friends?
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insinuate something

to someone to hint at something to someone; to imply something to someone. You think I am interested in you for your money! Is that what you are insinuating to me? I did not insinuate anything to you!
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Blumenfeld's search to discover the identity of the assailant leads her to the West Bank city of Ramallah, where she insinuates herself into the lives of the terrorist's unsuspecting family.
First," he noted, "the story being circulated insinuates that we tried to hide the lawsuit by not disclosing it in the prospectus on our recent public stock offering," which was successfully completed last week with Seitel selling nearly 1.
Indeed, the proposal insinuates that large corporations may not pay their fair share of taxes at the conclusion of the appeals process (if the liability is upheld) -- an inference that has precious little basis in fact.
The 24/7 bar is a balanced nutritional bar and as the name insinuates was developed to be taken every day as a food supplement.
The Californian in me wants to predict Lava Man is about to embarrass everybody who insinuates his competition at Santa Anita, Hollywood Park and Del Mar isn't as strong as the Eastern horses', and those who think an ex-claimer son of Slew City Slew is ipso facto inferior to a classic-winning son of A.
In Curonian, 2000, it insinuates itself more artfully, as a sheet of netting seems to disappear into the sere clearing behind it.
He fumed: "Anyone who insinuates that I dye my hair insinuates that I always lie.
People get attacked just because someone insinuates something about their sexuality.
According to the USWA, the press release insinuates that tariffs imposed by the Bush Administration on certain steel imports have caused Metalydine to lay off 1,650 USWA members at its Minerva, Ohio plant, cancel all scheduled 2003 wage increases and reduce capital investment.
There, Margarethe insinuates herself into the life of a tulip merchant (David Westhead) with a saucy, sulky daughter, Clara (Jenna Harrison), and a dark family secret.
Unlike, say, the work of Sherman--which effectively insinuates a mode of reflexivity into an intermedia space--Taylor-Wood's photographic works simply do not articulate the terms of their hybridized medium, no matter how internally contradictory it is; her pared-down films and videos, on the other hand, almost cannot help doing so.
Ronna insinuates herself into the trafficking territory of her impulsive expatriate British workmate Simon (Desmond Askew), whose disastrous bachelor romp through Las Vegas provides the subject of part 2.
The temporary order insinuates that Fortuna operates a pyramid scheme, and was issued among a flurry of media attention sought out by the FTC.
Nonetheless, tonight's ``Spin City'' is an occasion of some note, since star Charlie Sheen's father, Martin, whose own series, ``The West Wing,'' is much, much better (and used to compete against ``Spin City''), plays Roy, Charlie's grifter father, who insinuates himself into his son's life after years of estrangement.
Then he dropped the image behind the titles, where it insinuates itself on mind and mood like a film sound track, through that entry door beneath close attention that so intrigued Walter Benjamin.