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inquire into

To investigate; to look into or ask questions about. The HR department has been inquiring into complaints of unfair firing practices. We've inquired into what could be causing the server malfunction. We will keep you posted when we have more information.
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inquire about someone or something

to ask about someone or something. I inquired about Tom and was told that he doesn't live here anymore. You will have to inquire about that at the front desk.
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inquire after someone

to ask about the well-being of someone. Jerry inquired after you when I saw him at the store today. I will inquire after his wife the next time I see him.
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inquire for someone

to ask to see someone. Mr. Franklin, there is a man out here inquiring for you. What shall I tell him? Who is inquiring for me?
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inquire into something

to look into something; to investigate something by asking questions. I will inquire into your complaint. It sounds as if something is wrong. We have not inquired into it yet.
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inquire something of someone

to ask some information of someone. I need to inquire something of you. May I inquire something personal of you?
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inquire within

to ask questions of a person inside [some place, such as a store or office]. (Formula. On a sign posted outside.) "Help wanted. Inquire within," read the sign on the door. If you want to apply, you must inquire within.
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inquire after

Ask about the health or condition of someone or something. For example, She was inquiring after you in particular. [c. 1600]
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inquire about

To seek information about something or someone: I went to the store and inquired about available jobs.
See also: inquire

inquire after

To ask about the health or condition of someone: My neighbor cordially inquired after my mother, who was in the hospital.
See also: after, inquire
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Taking advantage of this rule, for the past few years, the CDA officials are delaying the inquires against their comrades so that they could reach their retirement age without any action and get off scot free
This article was lead to a large flow of inquires about potential acquisition by the Company.
CFG's staff handles broker inquires, investor inquires as well as media inquires.
CFG's staff of close to 70 people handles broker and investor inquires, as well as media inquires.
CFG's staff of close to 70 people handles broker inquires, investor inquires as well as media inquires.
com customers will interact with NetByTel's technology for repetitive inquires such as "Where is my order?
The NetByTel Voice Commerce Platform(TM) gives multi-sales channel organizations the ability to offer quality self-service to millions of customers and employees who use their voice to conduct Web-based transactions, such as product ordering and customer service inquires, freeing up personnel and lowering inbound customer call costs by as much as 87 percent.
The combined solution will provide Made2Manage customers with fast, reliable answers to their inquires on the company's products, as well as educate them on issues in the industry and other relevant services.
After the press conference, HydroMaid attended the IBS trade show over the next three days and met with great success receiving well in excess of 1,000 domestic inquires for information concerning buying or distributing HydroMaid disposals.
Investor inquires may be directed to Cebourn at 303-832-8220 or derrin@cebourn.