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inoculate someone against something

to immunize someone against a disease. We need to inoculate all the children against whooping cough. Have you been inoculated against measles?
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inoculate someone with something

to use a particular substance in immunizing someone against a disease. Donna inoculated Richard and Nancy with yellow fever vaccine for their trip. She also inoculated Sam with something to prevent malaria.
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Additionally, in-mold inoculation will increase the consistency of the inoculating process for each mold, which would reduce microstructure differences between castings.
Muehlbauer and Borisov think this system can be improved by inoculating peas with both the bacteria and the fungi.
This is then introduced into a log by drilling a hole and inoculating with a plunger.
With the bulk of its army thus rendered naturally immune, the British did not need to worry about either seizing smallpox-infested towns or inoculating the small percentage of its forces not infected as children.
New York City began inoculating its hardwoods this spring to try to combat further infestation of Asian long-horned beetles.
The self-contained Authenticult packaging contains a lyophilized microorganism pellet, a reservoir of hydrating fluid and an inoculating swab.
The researchers also desensitized some rats to the problematic protein by inoculating them with it several times.
agalactiae will show positive on the first plate inoculating directly from the swab.
Due to improved solution characteristics in iron, trace inoculating elements are distributed more uniformly and reliably.
A 10-person team, including Cummings Carson, Pray, and the landowner, spent two days painstakingly inoculating 55 individual cankers on 23 different trees.
These approvals therefore, represent a significant step in expanding the company's product line to more successfully compete with the needle and syringe method of inoculating large animals.