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inner circle

A small, exclusive, and intimate group of like-minded people sharing a common goal, pursuit, or purpose. After nearly 20 years working for the company, I was finally brought into the board of directors' inner circle. John, Samantha, Mary, and I are kind of the inner circle of our wider group of friends.
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inner core

The innermost part of something. The term is used both literally and figuratively. What is the Earth's inner core made of? At his inner core, he's a good person, I just know it.
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inner strength

One's resolve or determination. You have to draw on your inner strength—it will carry you through an experience like this.
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the inner man/woman

One's inner thoughts, conscience, mind, or spirit. Spending time away from technology and the hustle of the city does wonders for the inner woman. It's important to spend time cultivating the inner man, not just the man presented to the outside world.
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the ˌinner ˈman/ˈwoman

1 your mind or soul: Prayer and meditation are good for the inner man.
2 (humorous) your appetite: It’s time to do something for the inner man; let’s look for a restaurant.
See also: inner, man, woman
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Finally, experiencing pure awareness places the practitioner in a state of inner reflection.
Managing director, Christopher Shokoya-Eleshin said: "Since our success in the inaugural UK Inner City 100, many more people know of our existence and can now acknowledge our innate business acumen and achievements.
I feel strongly that encouraging business investment is the way to overcome inner city deprivation'.
Later, at the height of his fame, he realized how he loved glory and experienced another inner crisis.
As if that weren't disgusting enough, when Moynihan proposed that we could be witnessing the processes of "speciation" at work in today's inner cities, they assented.
It's easy to be skeptical about how well investment works in America's inner cities.
We might be able to distinguish between inner events by using other data.
Part of the group's mission statement is "To motivate members of the food industry to organize, participate in and support" programs aimed at the revitalization of the inner cities.
Both the inner and outer rings are expanding like ripples in a pond.
But Release Your Inner Bitch: Women Empowering Women isn't just another self-help book for battered women.
For decades, otologists, physiologists, and anatomists have studied the mechanism of systemic and ototopical drug uptake by the inner ear.
In fact, you'd probably be a lot better off if you had that inner peace that seems so elusive in the daily grind.
The outer ring is fixed, while the inner ring moves up and down via a hydraulic cylinder.