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(as) black as ink

1. Completely black; totally without light or color. The basement gives me the creeps, it's as black as ink down there!
2. Of a thoroughly evil, mean-spirited, or ungenerous mindset or disposition. She narrowed her eyes, and I could tell her thoughts had turned as black as ink.
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slang A writer, especially one who produces a large amount of low-quality material for a living. I spent a lot of time after college as an ink-slinger for various newspapers and magazines while working on my first novel.

in ink

written or signed with a pen that uses ink, not with a pencil. You should write your report in ink. You must sign your checks in ink.
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ink something in

1. to fill in an outline with ink. Please ink the drawing in with care. Ink in the drawing carefully.
2. to write something in ink. Please ink your name in on the dotted line. Now, ink in your signature on this line right here.
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red ink

Fig. debt; indebtedness as shown in red ink on a financial statement. There is too much red ink in my financial statement. Too much red ink and the company will collapse.
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be bleeding red ink

If a company is bleeding red ink, it has severe financial problems. Even large companies are bleeding red ink. The company reported huge losses for the year ended March 31, but vowed that after three straight years of bleeding red ink, the worst is behind them. Note: This expression comes from the practice in the past of using red ink to fill in entries on the debit side of a book of accounts.
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much ˌink has been ˈspilled (on/over something)

a lot has been written about something: Much ink has been spilled on the life of Shakespeare.
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red ˈink

(business) debts, losses or money that is owed: The company opened the fiscal year with $315.9 million in red ink.The health care industry is bleeding red ink (= losing a lot of money).
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(as) gay as pink ink

mod. having to do with an obviously homosexual person, usually a male. These two guys—as gay as pink ink—came in together.
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gay as pink ink

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1. n. cheap red wine. The old wino prefers ink to anything else.
2. n. publicity; print media coverage of someone or something. The movie star’s divorce got a lot of ink for a few days.
3. n. a tattoo. (The same as paint.) When dya get the new ink?
4. n. tattoos in general; the amount of tattooing on someone’s body. (The same as paint.) He’s got ink covering his back.

ink slinger

n. a professional writer; a newspaper reporter. The ink slingers have been at the candidates again.
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red ink

n. debt; indebtedness as shown in red ink on a financial statement. There is too much red ink in my financial statement.
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James (Jimmy) Hoynes Sutphin, 82, also known as Inky Jim, former president of Braden Sutphin Ink as well as National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) executive director, passed away on May 8, 2015.
Would black clearly reflect the past Jet, inky and shades in-between?
295 - and are led by 6-foot-3 junior all-American middle blocker Inky Ajanaku, who hits .
Silver Mist', with flowers the colour of a new dawn, to the darkest inky blue, as in A.
From beneath an inky starlit sky At last, just nigh was the night, And from under the stars with a plaintive cry The scarlet bird flew out of sight.
So whilst I'm loving Cheryl Cole's rosy behind, I think I'll wait until I'm at least four score for my inky etching.
99 until April 2 at Waitrose) Although everyone now associates malbec with Argentina, its spiritual home is among the inky wines of Cahors in South Western France.
The ten iconic dresses includes, the inky blue gown the late Princess of Wales wore when dancing across the White House dance floor with John Travolta in 1985, the New York Daily News reported.
Shadowy sweaters snuggle with inky leather for a result that's part luxe, part gothic.
The Malaysian company which has successfully claimed the rights as Kebab Turki Baba Rafi's master franchisee is Inky Sdn Bhd, headquartered at Kuala Lumpur.
32 in the shape of Stuart Buckland's in-form local Inky Express.
Developed by researchers at Oregon State University, pthe new inky purple tomato Indigo Rose' is now available as seeds and plants, and it's garnering a cult following among gardeners.
When an octopus senses danger, it squirts out the cloud of inky liquid you mentioned.
Soaking wet, drops of water clinging to her eyelashes, Her bedraggled hair, Her drenched clothes clinging to her, Her eyes beseeching me, I called out to her to bring her home with forgiveness In my heart, She disappeared into shadows of inky darkness, It was as if she swelled in shadow, My heartbeat overpowered my mind, For love was not enough, I lay in darkness, in a house that was once a home, A house of dreams, Yet I could not turn back the clock, nor turn my nightly Dream into my wished for reality
The stupid heads of sea beasts peek out in the inky water.