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*inkling (of something)

a hint about something that is to happen. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) The speeches gave us an inkling of what we could expect from the new president.
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Freddie Drummond had had an inkling of what was coming, and had sent Bill Totts to join the union and investigate.
Besides, I had some glimmering inkling of the sacredness of hospitality.
In fact, we thought it was a spontaneous spirit of revolt that would require careful curbing on our part, and never dreamed that it was deliberately manufactured--and it had been manufactured so secretly, from the very innermost circle of the Iron Heel, that we had got no inkling.
And having caught some inkling of our story, the young people about us-- as young as you and I are now, Kate--may come to us for sympathy, and pour distresses which hope and inexperience could scarcely feel enough for, into the compassionate ears of the old bachelor brother and his maiden sister.
I could perhaps have given him an inkling for what, but I said nothing.
When Charles left Ducie Street he had caught the first train home, but had no inkling of the newest development until late at night.
Some inkling of what had happened got to the servants and they quitted the Tichlorne service in a body.
Sedley's maxim not to talk about money matters before women, they had no inkling of the misfortunes that were in store for them until the unhappy old gentleman was forced to make gradual confessions.
Billy queried, striving to get some inkling of the identity of the physical prodigy.
All this, the blind man accurately marked; and as if his curiosity were strongly awakened, and he had already some inkling of his mystery, he sat watching him, if the expression may be used, and listening, until it was broad day.
Now he is setting up for being advanced, not that he has an inkling of anything, but, of course, I encourage him.
I also heard an inkling from an astrological source about suns being in the second house.
Last year, Beck and her colleagues reported their first inkling that the coxsackievirus mutates in nutritionally deprived hosts.
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