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the foggiest inkling

A basic, vague, or rudimentary knowledge or understanding (about something). Often used in negative constructions. A: "Do you know where the car keys are?" B: "I haven't the foggiest inkling. Sorry." Do you have the foggiest inkling how much this mistake is going to cost the company? Even though I could speak a little Japanese, I didn't have the foggiest inkling what the woman was talking about.
See also: foggy, inkling

*inkling (of something)

a hint about something that is to happen. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) The speeches gave us an inkling of what we could expect from the new president.

*inkling (of something)

a hint about something that is to happen. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) The speeches gave us an inkling of what we could expect from the new president.
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Inkling will retain its executive leadership team and continue to operate from its headquarters in San Francisco, California.
Over the past year, Inkling has grown its customer base to include top 10 firms in the insurance, retail, restaurant, pharmaceutical, energy, and manufacturing industries.
In an interview on The Buzz, host Boy Abunda asked Villaroel: "Noong kayo ay magkasama, did you have an inkling that he had a different sexual preference?
Lonely Planet's Best Trips books on Inkling are said to provide the traveler with practical information to explore a region by car, with an interactive map, local insider information, fun detours, the best accommodation and dining and a built-in five-day weather forecast.
Inkling partnered with publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc on the iPad version of the book, which features 1,200 pages' worth of images, videos, recipes and methods.
That's the major lesson I learned from reading Diana Glyer's excellent book, now the definitive treatment of the Inklings.
The Inklings met for many years to discuss the members' writings, among other things, and included many prominent writers of the time.
The foul-mouthed TV chef is on the lookout for the town or city with the worst restaurants, and he already has an inkling of where it will be.
I wouldn't mind paying out if I actually had any inkling that the money spent would go on improving the road networks or even our appalling public transport, but I do not believe that it would.
It is going to be tough obviously and I had an inkling it would be Forest, my old team," he said.
The disappearance of the diplomats Maclean and Burgess in May 1951 gave a stunned British establishment its first inkling that it had been penetrated by a high-level Soviet espionage ring.
12, when the comet passed nearest the sun, "we still had no inkling of its impending display" that has since wowed southern sky watchers, he adds.
A new kid from Scotland, Mike O'Shea (Martin Compston, brilliant in Ken Loach's ``Sweet 16''), gives Dito an inkling of the possibilities that lay beyond the borough's boundaries.
The flight attendants did a workmanlike job at distributing the beverages, but you surely didn't get even an inkling of, say, the Southwest experience, an experience, in part, that goes a long way to explain the success that that airline is receiving.
One comes away from this book with a glimpse of the unique institutional, cultural, and behavioral world in which Deaf southerners lived, and a first inkling of how those elements could give rise to a distinctive culture.