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honest injun

An expression used to emphasize the veracity of one's statement. Based on an informal spelling of "Indian" (i.e., Native American), the phrase is somewhat dated and may be considered offensive. Primarily heard in US. I swear it wasn't me who broke the lamp, honest injun!
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honest to God

this is really true honest to goodness I didn't tell her about the party, honest to God!
Usage notes: also used as a modifier: It was an honest to God mix-up.
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honest to God

something you say in order to emphasize that you are telling the truth I didn't mean to hurt him, honest to God I didn't!
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honest to God

Also, honest to goodness or Pete ; honest Injun. Truly, really, as in Honest to God, I didn't know it was yours, or Honest to goodness, we had exactly the same experience, or I promise I'll finish in time, honest to Pete, or Honest Injun, I didn't take your wallet. These colloquial assertions date from about 1900, except for honest Injun, dating from the late 1800s and today considered offensive.
See also: god, honest
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The Northern Ireland man sawa a similar effof rt, during injun ry time, flyl straight inton Sullivai n's hands.
Though The Fantasticks isn't 1/100th nearly as good, where would Tom Sawyer be without Injun Joe or The Merchant of Venice be without Shylock?
Honest Injun is a bright and breezy little song that features Justin Currie of Del Amitri on vocals and American Tan follows this type of melody.
While there, the boys stumble upon the murder of Dr Robinson by Injun Joe.
Vienna's Boy completed the Hannon HQ brace under Dane O'Neill, beating Honest Injun by a length and a half in the claimer, but the winner was claimed by Willie Musson for pounds 20,000.
Double Vodka's style of racing requires luck as he needs to be brought with a late run and, though the gaps appeared at the right time for him, it wasn't the same story involving the favourite Honest Injun who suffered an interrupted passage.
Brodie takes on South Korean Injun Chi for the vacant WBC featherweight crown aiming to erase the memory of his heartache three years ago.
Lester Hunt, the professor of philosophy investigated in 1992 for using the term Injun, had been astonished when the Office of Affirmative Action gave him a copy of the speech code.
The field is producing from and has behind pipe reserves in the Big Lime, Keener, Big Injun, Squaw Sandstones, Berea Sandstone, Gordon Stray and Gordon Sand.
There's a cow chip throwing contest, an Injun Joe's Treasure Hunt, and the Route 66 Car Show.
20PM Widower Robert Mitchum is stranded in hostile Injun territory with his young son and Marilyn Monroe, a saloon singer with a gold claim to match her heart.
Normally, there are classes in nursing, computer, woodworking (the smell of freshly cut wood made memories of my school days in wood shop come flooding back, along with my mothers tragic and unfulfilled dream that I was more handyman than writerman), small engine repair (as opposed to small Injun repairs, I suppose), industrial engine repairs, gun repairs (lots of repairing done up there it seems), and my favorite, culinary skills.
Robert Winston deputised for Fanning and brought Go Padero home two lengths in front of Honest Injun, the success enabling Johnston to join Channon on the 138 mark for the year.
Selznick's 1938 production of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" brilliantly recreates Mark Twain's beloved novel, featuring many of Twain's classic sequences, including the whitewashing of the fence, Tom and Huck's "death and resurrection," the murder trial of Muff Potter, the unmasking of Injun Joe as the real killer, and the thrilling climax in the cave, as Tom protects Becky from Injun Joe.
When I Hold You in My Arms and Don't Say You Love Me are poignant, not to say downright soppy, reveries while Going Home is a full-blown epic, based on the sort of pounding tom-tom beat that used to denote Injun sequences in pre-PC westerns and featuring a raging guitar solo that is abruptly truncated after nine minutes here but will doubtless be extended into several periods of extra time on tour.