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on (one's) own initiative

Without requiring or having been given instruction, prompting, or guidance from others; by one's own effort or energy. Few things impress employers more than implementing business solutions on your own initiative. I just think Jennifer needs to do things on her own initiative more, instead of waiting to see what her boyfriend wants to do all the time.
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take the initiative (to do something)

to activate oneself to do something even if one has not been asked to do it. The door hinges squeak because no one will take the initiative to oil them. Sometimes, in order to get things done, you have to take the initiative.
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on one's own account

Also, on one's own hook or initiative . For oneself; also, by one's own efforts, as in I've gone into business on my own account, or He called the police on his own hook, or She went job-hunting on her own initiative. The first term, first recorded in 1801, transfers the financial sense of account to one's own interest or risk. The hook variant, a colloquialism, was first recorded in 1812 and the precise analogy is unclear. The second variant, using initiative in the sense of "enterprise," was first recorded in 1858.
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take the initiative

Begin a task or plan of action, as in The boss was on vacation when they ran out of materials, so Julie took the initiative and ordered more . This term uses initiative in the sense of "the power to originate something," a usage dating from the late 1700s.
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(do something) on your own iˈnitiative

do something which is your own idea, not a suggestion or an order from another person: Did you ask him to organize a meeting, or was it on his own initiative?
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take the iˈnitiative

lead people by being the first to act in a situation: France took the initiative in the peace talks.California took the initiative in banning smoking in public places.
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n. cocaine. (see also incentive.) Maybe I need some more of that initiative to get me going.

on (one's) own initiative

Without prompting or direction from others; on one's own.
See also: initiative, on, own
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IRS Commissioner Everson has announced an initiative for making audits more current.
The goal of the initiative is to improve the way primary health care providers assess and respond to potential pesticide exposure cases in their daily practice.
While most dot-coms failed miserably to deliver short-term returns, the promise of e-commerce is in its infancy, and examples of profitable e-commerce initiatives are emerging.
initiative for regional airspace management modernization for Central and Eastern Europe.
Being the policy wonks we are, we didn't want to write our initiative based on what is sexy," says Ruth Holton, director of California Common Cause.
Unlike most takings legislation, Initiative 164, as Referendum 48 was known then, had no threshold for compensation - compensation was due for any regulatory taking, no matter how small - and was not limited to environmental regulations.
The development of the STP Initiative was driven by a number of factors, including the increasingly intense regulatory environment, the expected exponential growth in the annuity market as the "boomer" generation enters retirement, and the broad recognition that the current manually-intensive and paper-constrained processes are inefficient.
In the very press release Towey cited during his media briefing, Lynn noted the president has yet to persuade Congress to pass a comprehensive faith-based bill, the initiative has advanced only because of executive orders and many of the faith-based grants were used for partisan purposes that did little to help the needy.
eligible persons who forgo resolving eligible transactions under this settlement initiative .
Richman, who had sharp words for both public-employee unions on the left and anti-tax and social conservatives on the right, defended the initiative process as a necessary curb on what he termed ``failed representative democracy.
The Prime Minister's July visit coincided with the completion of the NSSP initiative that was launched eighteen months earlier.
From the poet and the paper and the column and the contest came the Poetry Initiative, a South Carolina organization that runs a variety of poetry programming, including reading series, a poet-in-residence program, poem and book contests, the South Carolina Poets' Summit: and student- and teacher-training programs.
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller) Ernest Gregory, chair of the Army Business Initiative Council (ABIC), reported in a Sept.
Last year, the IRS began a compliance initiative for executive compensation.
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