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initiate someone into something

1. to induct someone into an organization or activity, usually in a ceremony. They will initiate me into the fraternity next week. They initiated all their new members into the club at once.
2. to introduce someone to the activities associated with a job or other situation. The personnel department will initiate you into our office routines. Our procedures are complicated and it takes weeks to initiate a new employee into all our procedures.
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After the cut the initiates and their guardians were brought from the field to a "seclusion" hut in the forest.
A written statement available to the public or to account holders that describes a service allowing a consumer to initiate transfers by telephone constitutes a plan--for example, a brochure, or material included with periodic statements.
TEI believes that the finalization of a change in method of accounting should be binding on the IRS and the taxpayer until (1) there is a change in material fact, (2) there is a change in law, or (3) the taxpayer initiates and obtains the Commissioner's consent to change its method of accounting.
From his pioneering work, the tradition has grown to include thousands of initiates from all walks of life and ethnic groups.
The Initiate Interoperable Health solution helps healthcare organizations achieve objectives targeted at reducing medical errors: by improving access to patient information at all points of care; by increasing operational efficiencies by recognizing patients and providers across all points of registration; and, by lowering costs by reducing resources required for data governance and quality.
NYSE: IT), Initiate was placed in the "Leaders" quadrant in the Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management (MDM) of Customer Data, 2009.
The debates over healthcare IT adoption and payment reform have validated that healthcare communities that master information sharing realize improved outcomes at lower costs," said Bill Conroy, president and CEO, Initiate.
Thought leaders from the Initiate team - such as Larry Dubov, Lorraine Fernandes, Marty Moseley, and Scott Schumacher - regularly contribute to the blog, which also serves to announce the availability of podcasts, white papers, webinars, conferences, case studies and other reference materials.
Industry thought leaders Larry Dubov, Lorraine Fernandes, Marty Moseley, Scott Schumacher and other experts from the Initiate team are regular contributors to the blog, which also will serve to announce the availability of podcasts, white papers, webinars, conferences, case studies and other reference materials.
According to Andy Hayler, the Bloor associate analyst who penned the report: "The largest players in the MDM market, in terms of revenue and customer base, are Oracle, IBM, Initiate and SAP.
Initiate Catalyst Patient Registry is built on the Initiate Catalyst platform and leverages Initiate's proven master data management (MDM) and entity resolution technology.
Initiate Catalyst leverages the Initiate Master Data Service([R]) and is designed to meet the functional, technical and packaging requirements of ISVs that wish to embed or integrate master data management (MDM), customer data integration (CDI), record locator or entity resolution capabilities within their products or solutions.
Initiate Lauds Customer National Instruments for Winning 2009 Best Practices Award in Master Data Management (MDM) from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)
Initiate's patient registry technology integrates with the open-source architecture, using web service technology and HL7 standards, demonstrating that Initiate Interoperable Health is an open and flexible platform.
Initiate Payer Data Management helps healthcare payer organizations provide access to a patient's lifetime information across all points of service, lowering administrative costs by reducing time spent tracking down information residing in disparate systems.