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inherit something from someone

1. to receive something from the estate of a person who has died. I inherited this silver bowl from my aunt. Liz inherited her house from her parents.
2. to receive a genetic or behavioral trait from a relative. I inherited my stubbornness from my father's side of the family. My dark hair was inherited from my father.
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Andrea Cesi was to inherit all Portia's remaining goods, lands, tides, and holdings, as befitted the herede universale, but she envisioned an unorthodox and particular use of this inheritance by her son.
So if you inherit 401(k) funds from someone other than your spouse, you'll need to set up a separate inherited IRA.
The next Oregon AD will inherit a department that is studded with showcase athletic facilities.
Having inherited the family fortune, an enormous landholding, he now wants more: he wants to inherit eternal life.
Similar to humans, dogs can inherit certain diseases, including cancer, from their parents.
We do not inherit eye color or any other traits or characteristics; what we inherit are strands of DNA organized into sequences of chemicals called genes which act like recipes guiding the actions of proteins.
There, a tenured anthropologist, Vincent Sarich, began to say that black success in basketball proved the inherited basis of talent, which in turn supported the view that whites could inherit superior mental faculties.
Some infants may inherit the tendency to acquire hearing loss later in life.
This means that when the virus infects the sperm or human eggs, children can inherit the latent virus in every cell.
Taxpayers who inherit individual retirement accounts (IRAs) pay no income tax if they directly roll over the funds into IRAs in their own names.
If a child does not inherit the HD gene, he or she will not develop the disease and cannot pass it on.
We want to give him a strong foundation and keep him motivated,'' says Stuart, who lives in Sherman Oaks with his wife, Kim, Atreyu and 1-year-old daughter, Shiyanne, who did not inherit the disorder.
But only 13% of men would want to inherit a ring to pass on to their wife.
Anne Young, tax expert at Scottish Widows, said: "A lot of people already have in their minds what they want to inherit.
If there are surviving children, the spouse inherits one-half of the estate and the children inherit the remaining half.