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ingratiate oneself into something

to work hard to bring oneself into the favor of someone. Oh, how he fawns over the guests! Isn't it terrible the way he tries to ingratiate himself into their favor? You will never succeed in ingratiating yourself into my good graces.
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ingratiate oneself with someone

to work oneself into someone's favor. Why do you have to ingratiate yourself with everyone? Don't you know how to be just plain friends? She was very obvious in her effort to ingratiate herself with the boss.
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But Shep's only discernible ability seems to be for ingratiating himself with talented people, supplying a constant stream of drugs and women and then helping himself to his share.
According to The Huffington Post, Palin criticized the media for ingratiating themselves with Obama and trying to destroy whistleblowers that were talking about controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright and former University of Illinois professor and Obama's friend, Bill Ayers.
be prepared for on their living urge allOAPs to they vote in the Who ever allowed these self ingratiating changes should resign, but not before they change them back
The chugging drive of Something Is Not Right With Me, a Stones-style blues lick kicking in beneath singer Nathan Willett's impassioned ranting, was matched by the ingratiating melody of Audience, for which he hit a falsetto.
His style is ingratiating, puerile, shallow and amateurish.
The swamp adder is a small, lethally poisonous, hitherto rather anonymously ingratiating slimey grey snake which has a legendary tendency to wrap around a person's brain so preventing independent thought.
What the others are here for, I don't know") and his affable, ingratiating wit.
On the surface, Seth helps their cause by ingratiating himself to Argelin as his personal secretary and passing information to the resistors.
He is a warm and ingratiating personality who I'm sure will be successful in his several business pursuits.
Although she discusses her sons and an ingratiating brother-in-law, and he writes about the reckless young men in his charge, they lack specific angles.
No, a confident nation gets on with it and does not need frequent boosts from the likes of the ingratiating Huw Edwards on how essential the Welsh language is.
There's never anything easy or ingratiating in the work of this maverick, but the ideas are now more likely to explode from the structures than from the man--who picked up an early client and rammed him against a wall to resolve a point of disagreement.
Further advice covers how to use metaphors to sell, whether advertising a product or ingratiating oneself or driving a point home.
Ingratiating himself with well-to-do families in New Jersey (where he briefly settled), he eventually gained notice as a pamphleteer, and activist in Revolutionary America.
The songs are darker, harder-edged, and less immediately ingratiating, and singing along by the end of the first listen won't be possible anymore.