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infuse someone with something

to teach someone a body of knowledge or a perspective on a body of knowledge. The schools sought to infuse the children with a sense of history. Children should be infused with a respect for the rights of others.
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infuse something into someone

to instill specific knowledge into a person; to teach someone something very well. The boss infused a lot of company information into the new assistant before she took another job. The teacher infused a lot of knowledge into the students in a short time.
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infuse something into something

to mix something into something. You should infuse this mixture into the tea. The tea was infused into the water very slowly.
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infuse something with something

to make something mix into some liquid. He infused the mixture with a strong solution of soap. The chemical mixture was infused with the other solution.
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Unlike many others, our filtration plus infuser pitcher provides a quicker way of filtering your water and eliminates the traditional reservoir.
According to the company, the inspiration to create the product was the growing number of “foodies” and health-lovers who were using items like mason jars and store bought water infusers to flavor their drinks.
Be sure to check out the full range of eco-friendly infusers, including the Aqua Zinger, Vodka Zinger, Salad Zinger, Kid Zinger and Citrus Biggie.
Specifically designed for the delivery of intermittent antibiotics and other non-rate critical intravenous doses, the Baxa InFuse T-10 Syringe Infuser frees up expensive, smart infusion pumps for more critical applications and gives nurses more time to focus on patient care.
Not only is Revolution Tea recognized by its T-Box Revolution single serving boxes, but it has earned accolades for its Infuser Bags(TM) which create the ultimate and convenient steeping process.
Inside the cup is a large precision tooled infuser, which can easily accommodate even the largest full-leaf teas.
Infusion system lines from McKinley Medical include the ACCUFUSER(R) Post-Op Pain Control Pump, OutBound(R) Disposable Syringe Infuser, Beeline(R) Disposable Syringe Infuser, AutoMed(R) Ambulatory Infusion Pump and the WalkMed(R) Ambulatory Infusion Pump.
The large, fine mesh Tea Infuser easily twists into the Iced Tea Makers lid and provides ample room for loose leaf tea to bloom and fully release their flavors.
The ACCUFUSER pump is a portable, non-electronic balloon infuser that delivers continuous infusion of local anesthetic through the special McKinley Saturation Catheter(TM) to the site of the surgery.
Trautmann will guide the qualification process for the CeQur device as an infuser for GLP-1 and, potentially, other peptides to treat people with type 2 diabetes.
Power Infuser and ZOLL are registered trademarks of ZOLL Medical Corporation.
Death Star Tea Infuser For sale at the convention before it is available to the general geek-masses is the Death Star Tea Infuser.
The Power Infuser has been granted approval by the Canadian Regulatory Agency, Health Canada Therapeutic Products Directorate (HCTPD), to begin marketing in Canada.
A BPA-free infuser fits in the carafe, even when the lid is closed, making it ideal for both steeping and serving tea.
Throughout the rest of Europe, McKinley Medical distributes its beeLINE(R) Disposable Syringe Infuser for a variety of applications in post-operative pain management.