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infringe (up)on something

to interfere with the rights of someone or with someone's property rights; to encroach on something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) You are infringing upon my right to free speech. lam not infringing on your property. I'm in my own yard.
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In Bayer, the ANDA specification required product criteria that did not infringe the patent, and although a sample of the physical product submitted to the FDA was alleged to infringe, the court held that there was no infringement because the ANDA precluded the generic company from legally selling a product with infringing properties.
Under the Provider Liability Law, a TSP's liability to a third party claiming infringement generally is limited, unless it knows or has reason to know that information on its network infringes on the rights of a third party.
District Court for the District of Delaware, leaves unaffected Magma's assertion that these and other Synopsys products infringe four Magma patents: U.
To clear the matter, ACE filed a lawsuit against APL in the United States District Court seeking a declaration that ACE had not infringed, induced others to infringe or contributed to the infringement of the '702 patent (U.
As previously announced in August, Candela is also pursuing a separate lawsuit against Palomar in the District Court for the District of Massachusetts alleging that Palomar's Lux V[TM] handpiece and its Q-YAG 5 Q-Switched laser system, willfully infringes upon United States Patent Nos.
The Court of Appeals also affirmed the District Court's determination that VERTEX[R] Reconstruction System screws, for use in the upper thoracic spine, do not literally infringe the '678 patent, but ruled that there is an issue of fact as to infringement under the doctrine of equivalents that can proceed to trial.
As part of the resolution of the lawsuit, National Public Seating agreed to change the design of its Melody chairs so that they no longer infringe on Wenger's trade dress rights.
As part of the resolution of the lawsuit, the defendants agreed to change the design of their music chairs so that they no longer infringe on Wenger's trade dress rights.
The Court in the first grant found that the Profile Harmony machine and its use did not infringe the '666 patent.
The ITC has confirmed the administrative law judge's determination that certain of SG's power-supply controllers infringe Power Integrations U.