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inform on someone

to tell the authorities about someone; to tattle on someone. I am going to have to inform on you. Liz informed on Ken to their mother.
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inform someone about someone or something

to tell someone about someone or something. How is my friend Tom getting on? I asked you to inform me about him from time to time. Please inform me about the state of the contract for the book.
See also: inform

inform someone of something

to tell someone a fact. Please inform Sally of my decision. Sally has been informed of your decision.
See also: inform, of

inform someone on someone

to tattle (on someone) (to someone). I will inform the teacher on you! Billy informed his mother on Bobby.
See also: inform, on

inform on

or inform against
To disclose confidential or incriminating evidence about someone to an authority: The FBI agent informed on the drug dealers. You can't force me to inform against my own family.
See also: inform, on
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Both ASCA and ACA standards require that counselors who provide counseling services to clients who are being served by another professional, with the client's consent, inform the other professional and "develop clear agreements to avoid confusion and conflict" for the client.
The ASCA standards require that school counselors inform "appropriate officials of conditions that may be potentially disruptive or damaging to the school's mission, personnel, and property while honoring the confidentiality between the counselee and counselor.
Nillni reports that key benefits to date of using InForm include:
We implemented the InForm product on time and below budget while exceeding performance expectations.
As one of the premier news brands in the country, we have extremely high standards for precision and accuracy, and Inform was able to meet our criteria," said Caroline Little, CEO of Washington Post.
Through this process, Inform systematically tags and scores every component of each article, identifying every topic, industry, organization, person, place and product mentioned throughout the entire article.
Search Results Content -- Inform is able to provide publishers with all of the related content described above on any search results page which can be accessed by clicking on a SmartLink or using the publishers search box.
Leveraging data from multiple sources such as student information systems, assessment systems and data warehouses, Pearson Inform captures, shares and reports on a variety of student and assessment information, including student demographics, grades, state tests, standardized tests, district tests and more.
Staff members have received training on Pearson Benchmark and Inform, which will be fully implemented at the beginning of the 2006-07 school year.
Operational Data Management (ODM) Export Interface: exports InForm clinical and metadata in Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) ODM XML format, delivering standards-based, system-to-system communication
Discrepancy Interface: enables bi-directional transmission of InForm clinical data queries (discrepancies) and managed workflow to and from other source systems
Previous winners of the INFORMS Prize include UPS, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Procter & Gamble, and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
The Informs kit comes with stand-alone PC-based compliance software that includes all standard retail and DOD-compliant label formats, so users have easy and immediate access to compliant label formats.
The Informs RFID Experience in a Box Kit brings a robust, dynamic and completely scalable RFID labeling system to companies that previously would not have the bandwidth or the budget to comply with the labeling stipulations of heavy hitters such as Wal-Mart or the Department of Defense," said Informs President Dan Cheresh.
Forming the Edelman Academy is an important step in the continued recognition of Operations Research as a pivotal discipline that has a major impact on global competitiveness and innovation in business," said Mark Doherty, executive director, INFORMS.