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*infested with something

to be contaminated with a swarm or throng of some pest. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) All the campers are infested with lice. The dog is infested with ticks.
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Similarly adult Echinocephalus janzeni was reported to infest marine stingrays of Central America (Hoberg et al.
Without appropriate action, EHB has the potential to infest and damage the structural integrity of homes and buildings built with untreated pine, Mr Baston said.
abbreviatus used to infest plants were collected from canopies of trees growing in fields at commercial plant nurseries in Homestead, Florida.
You don't have to infest the neighborhood or pollute the local stream with pesticides to deal with unwanted critters.
To combat leishmaniasis in people, Ribeiro anticipates vaccines tailored to the diverse types of sand flies that infest different regions.