infatuated with

*infatuated with someone or something

to be in love with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) She is infatuated with John. John is infatuated with chocolate ice cream.
References in classic literature ?
She was one of those people who are infatuated with patent medicines and all new-fangled methods of producing health or mending it.
Some were so infatuated with their apprehensions that they undertook to describe the camp of the Portuguese, and affirmed that they had heard the report of their cannons.
A girl of technically gentle birth, she also had been a member of Sir William Temple's household, was infatuated with Swift, and followed him to Ireland.
Miss Vanhomrigh, like 'Stella,' was infatuated with Swift, and like her followed him to Ireland, and for nine years, as has been said, he
I sever dreamed that Charlie was the sort of man to get infatuated with anyone.
The poor dame, very much infatuated with her daughter, like any other silly mother, did not perceive the officer's lack of enthusiasm, and strove in low tones to call his attention to the infinite grace with which Fleur-de-Lys used her needle or wound her skein.
Blythe, or if she imagined that he was still as infatuated with her as he might have been in his salad days, it was surely their duty to put the matter before her in another light.
Only I'm not so infatuated with them but that sometimes for months and months on end I don't read any fiction at all.
We are not infatuated with these French railway cars, though.
The creature has been madly infatuated with her ever since the day he took her from Number One, and you have encouraged his infatuation until yesterday.
Between ourselves there are pretty clear signs that this will not be wanting if the lady is willing, for I have seldom seen a man more infatuated with a woman than he is with our beautiful neighbour, Miss Stapleton.
The judge said his victim was infatuated with him "because she was 15, you were 26, you had a car and you took advantage of that".
Packer, once said been infatuated with to have been infatuated with Emma, drove prostitutes to remote locations before trying to persuade them to have sex outdoors.
The Court of Appeal heard Cook, who was based at RAF Shawbury, in Shropshire, became infatuated with the woman while on a training course.
Being infatuated with the pimp game, infatuated with reggae music, infatuated with gangsta shit--all of that engulfs me.