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indoctrinate someone into something

to teach someone the ways of a group or some activity. The staff sought to indoctrinate Walter into the ways of office procedure. Todd indoctrinated Ken into camp life.
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indoctrinate someone with something

to teach someone the official or fundamental knowledge about something. They indoctrinated all their spies with the importance of being loyal to the death. Ken indoctrinated Todd with revolutionary thinking.
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He said it was more disturbing to note that large number of criminals jailed for petty crimes were indoctrinated inside prison.
They are indoctrinated into the virtues extolled by the American Dream--honesty, hard work, competence, social justice, and modesty.
The book traces Li's transformation from a naive "feather in a whirlwind" to life as a fully indoctrinated young Red Guardsman, then political defector, and finally, a passionate artist.
htm), where professionals new to the industry can become indoctrinated and enlightened as to what this industry is all about.
We are so indoctrinated with this idea that non-violent solutions never even get considered, much less tried.
Michael Hamill, Air Force team coach for a dragon boat race, takes a dragon breath after getting indoctrinated into the coaching ranks the old-fashioned Skinny, colorfully painted dragon boats swiftly paddled through Tampa's downtown Garrison Channel in May during its Asia Fest.
I wanted to be informed, not indoctrinated," she says of her experience at her local madrassa (notorious for teaching children to be martyrs and to hate the West, Christians, and Jews) where her questions led to her expulsion, though her belief in God and in Islam remained strong.
Schoolchildren are indoctrinated into the belief that homosexuality is normal and healthy--and that opposition to it is a symptom of a supposed sickness called "homophobia.
It was there, I suspect, that he was indoctrinated with the supply-side, anti-Keynesian economics that were supposed to have rescued the Western economies back in the Reagan/Thatcher era.
Her study of Going to Meet the Man in" 'Masculinity' and (lm)maturity: 'The Man Child' and Other Stories in Baldwin's Gender Studies Enterprise" arrives at the not-so-startling conclusion that central characters are indoctrinated "into limiting racial or sex-gender constructs.
Maybe I'm too serious about my theater, too indoctrinated by my pals at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, but I couldn't help feeling we were being laughed at, made the butt of jokes by a straight laughmeister who knows that we are the final frontier when even jabs at Hitler aren't enough to proudly wear a badge of political incorrectness.
Batali is disheartened by the newly indoctrinated EEC school of thought, which believes that eggs should be pasteurized and everything should be standardized.
By the time my mother's grandchildren came of age to be indoctrinated into this family tradition, rap had come on the scene and colored their contributions.
Soldiers and police are indoctrinated with radically different values.
It scared me to think of what I might have done, had I lived there then, and had been indoctrinated into those values.