indemnify against

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indemnify someone or something against something

to agree to protect someone or something against something, such as damage or a lawsuit. Their employer indemnified them against legal action. We indemnified the publisher against legal trouble.
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indemnify, and hold harmless Effingham County, Georgia, at his sole expense, and agrees to bear
However, if the employee sues Company B, which is covered by the knock-for-knock provision, then Company A has the obligation to indemnify Company B.
In other words, your insurer could indemnify a liability incurred by one of your vendors, and submit an invoice for the deductible amount to you.
Appraiser shall indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless (the AMC) from and against any and all liability, claims, damages, losses, penalties, fines, judgments and any other costs, fees and expenses in any way related to any appraisal report submitted by appraiser.
They can be as simple as a one-page document stating that the company shall indemnify you to the fullest extent permitted by law, or 15 or more pages detailing your substantive and procedural rights to indemnification.
In private construction contracts, a subcontractor can be required to indemnify the general contractor for the subcontractor's negligence and for the general contractor's negligence if a series of conditions are met.
On Wednesday the hospital board also voted to indemnify four of the five directors who were named in Abraham's claim, Abdallah Farrukh, Don Parazo, Deborah Rice and June Snow, should a lawsuit be filed.
Company executive vice president Jonathan Schwartz also used the event to jab a finger at IBM for reportedly refusing to indemnify customers using Linux.
It is prepared to indemnify the agencies while it searches to find a permanent solution to the problem.
It is important to have insurance coverage protecting the association if it is required to indemnify those officers, directors, or employees serving at the association's request on the boards of other organizations.
If a foot-and-mouth outbreak occurs in the United States, USDA will indemnify livestock producers whose animals must be destroyed to prevent a spread of the disease, Ag Secretary Ann Veneman told the House Ag Appropriations subcommittee.
Chase was willing to sell 510 Fifth Avenue only to an investor who would indemnify the bank against any current and future claims made by Tahari.
The concept of insurance shifts the risk of a potential economic loss during a period from an insured to an insurer, with the insurer willing to indemnify the insured against that loss.
In addition to needing legislation that would indemnify the vaccine maker from litigation should something go wrong, the vaccine's proponents also need approval from the Food and Drug Administration before they can begin testing.
As The Wall Street Journal subsequently revealed, Wallace had not disclosed that: 1) CBS promised Wigand that the interview would not be aired without his permission; 2) he had previously been paid $12,000 as a consultant for help on an earlier 60 Minutes report; 3) CBS had agreed to indemnify him against any libel action resulting from the broadcast; and 4) CBS had refused Wigand's request to indemnify him against any legal action against him based upon his breach of contract with Brown & Williamson.