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increment something by something

to increase a sum by a supplement [of a certain figure]. Increment the numbering by ten so that 1, 2, 3 becomes 10, 20, 30. The base number was incremented by 4.
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The Apr-Jun PropIndex also suggests that user driven markets, which did not see significant price increments during the boom period and also had lesser issues due to project delays, are doing relatively well.
With this baseline firmly in place, the Army began fielding Increment 1b in 2013 to add some additional capabilities and to help bridge the gap to Increment 2.
The government entities need to send Form No 20-A (notice to suspend annual increment for 2015) along with copies of notices or other disciplinary action issued against offending employees to Employee Performance and Relations Directorate at CSB to complete procedures to stop the increment.
If the employee's performance or behavior continued to be unsatisfactory , AI is blocked for another three months , employee is notified in writing, and granting AI is reconsidered after completion of this period, if the employee's performance and behavior became satisfactory or better, than the employee deserve AI in the first of Jul of the same year, If the employees continued with unsatisfactory performance, after six months referred to than the employee does not deserve AI , the temporary blocking of the annual increment because of unsatisfactory performance does not preclude granting AI according to the terms in January of each year
There has also been a minor increment to the conveyance allowance as well," Jhangu said.
The fulfillment of the cash capital increment and GDR plan will help the company obtain preferential loan rates from the creditor banking consortium and lower its debt pressure.
According to a source at the Manpower Ministry, the new increment regulation is only for the Omani employees in the private sector.
While Bahrain stood 10th on the ten lowest 2012 Salary Increment Outlook table with and average increase of 6.
Barth subsequently applied, in 2004, for adjustment of his length-of-service increment to take account of the period during which he taught at the University of Frankfurt am Main.
The city's financial contribution to the projects would come from urban renewal funds, which are obtained through tax increment financing.
1]--relative increment of the steam pressure in the steam volume, [phi]--relative increment of the turbine rotor angular velocity, [T.
The variations of annual radial increment of conifers provide unique and important information on ecological, climatic habitat peculiarities, which are indicated by early and late wood width and density variations (Lovelius 1997).
Hooksett voters last October approved an innovative Tax Increment Financing structure for a development off Interstate 93 Exit 11 anchored by a Cabela's sporting goods store.
3 million order from the US Army for Increment One of the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (Win-T) system, which will provide US Army soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with broadband network and satellite communication capabilities.