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increment something by something

to increase a sum by a supplement [of a certain figure]. Increment the numbering by ten so that 1, 2, 3 becomes 10, 20, 30. The base number was incremented by 4.
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One person made all the increment counts three times for each preparation technique on different occasions with a 100x oil objective on a Nikon E600 microscope with transmitted light.
The bonds are generally payable solely from the tax increment and are not deemed a pledge of the faith and credit of the issuing city or county.
These workers can contribute an additional $500 in 2002, with further increments of $500 a year until 2006, when they'll be able to contribute $2,500 more to their Simple plan than their younger peers.
HIGH TAXPAYER CONCENTRATION: Pledged tax increment revenues are generated from a relatively small but fully developed project area dominated by retail tenants highly exposed to general economic conditions and consumer spending patterns.
Based on the appraisal of their market value, realty assets of domestic insurance firms contain at least NT$250 billion in value increment, which, after deducting liabilities, still leaves over NT$100 billion for incorporation into book value.
WIN-T Increment 2 will bring about some revolutionary changes--the network will now be able to completely support the commander's intent and operations," said COL Edward Swanson, WIN-T project manager, who is assigned to the Program Executive Office for Command, Control and Communications-Tactical.
The amount of tax revenue going to urban renewal is based on the increase in the assessed value of property within the district after the district was established - hence the name "tax increment revenue.
What's more, tax increment financing or "TIF" financing utilized must be utilized more.
Otolith increment deposition rates from spotted seatrout have been validated by using tetracycline marking of wild-caught fish larvae and juveniles collected in Tampa Bay, Florida (McMichael and Peters, 1989).
In Letter Ruling (TAM) 9433004, the IRS held that the taxpayer could not use replacement cost to value its current-year increment, because it had specifically elected to value such increment based on the most recent purchases.
Effective December 31, 1994, the dollar limits on contributions to qualified pension plans will be rounded to the nearest $5,000 increment, with the dollar limits on elective deferrals indexed in $500 increments and the dollar limits on compensation for simplified employee pensions indexed in $50 increments.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings takes the following rating action on Allegheny County, PA Redevelopment Authority's (the authority) tax increment revenue bonds as part of its continuous surveillance effort:
para]]General Dynamics Mission Systems and more than 500 suppliers nationwide will continue to work together to build and deliver WIN-T Increment 2 systems, the Army's "Digital Guardian Angel.
The Warfighter Information Network Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 2 will combine with these and other mission command and control capabilities for the U.