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on the increase

Increasing or growing steadily or rapidly. Infection rates are on the increase in the area due to inadequate access to clean water. Demand for the unusual cheese has been on the increase ever since it was featured on a popular cooking show.
See also: increase, on

increase by leaps and bounds

To expand or grow rapidly or by very large degrees. Our small company has been increasing by leaps and bounds over the past year, thanks in no small part to our aggressive new marketing campaign. What was once a tiny local choir club has increased by leaps and bounds over the years, becoming one of the state's largest organized choir communities.
See also: and, bound, by, increase, leap

increase in (something)

To develop a particular quality or aptitude over time. Bobby has increased in maturity so much this summer—he's not the troublemaker he once was.
See also: increase

increase (something) by (something)

To expand something to a certain extent. Our aggressive new marketing campaign has increased our small company by 25 percent in the past year. What was once a tiny local choir club has increased by leaps and bounds over the years, becoming one of the state's largest organized choir communities.
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increase (something) from (something)

To expand something or make it larger. We really need to increase this photo from an 8x10—is that possible? You really need to increase your 401k contribution from a measly $20 a month.
See also: increase

increase by leaps and bounds

Fig. to increase or grow by large increments. (See also gain by leaps and bounds.) The price of our stock is increasing by leaps and bounds.
See also: and, bound, by, increase, leap

increase in something

to grow or expand in some quality. He increased in stature and wisdom. The tree increased in size every year.
See also: increase

increase something by something

to enlarge something by an amount or degree. They increased the size of the house by two hundred square feet. The engine size on the new model has been increased by a small amount.
See also: by, increase

increase something (from something) (to something)

to enlarge something from something to something bigger; to enlarge something from one size to a larger size. We plan to increase sales from four million to six million dollars. I increased my bid to two thousand from one thousand.

on the increase

Growing, especially in frequency of occurrence, as in Violent crime is on the increase. [Mid-1700s]
See also: increase, on

on the increase

Increasing, especially in frequency of occurrence: Crime is on the increase.
See also: increase, on
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Cooperatives on the West Side posted the largest percentage increase in median price, of 19% to $722,000, the highest neighborhood price.
Evidence for the global increase in the burden of asthma has come from studies of incidence, prevalence, and morbidity.
While it is true that many of the people formerly on welfare who are now working are still receiving Medi-Cal health insurance benefits and other services, the increase in payroll costs for welfare employees is staggering and needs explanation.
A three per cent increase in terminal fees and a five per cent increase in landing fees will take effect April 1, Scott McFadden, president and chiefexecutive officer of Thunder Bay International Airport Authority says.
With NR prices expected to improve in 2001, assuming no severe adverse weather effects, global NR output is forecast to increase faster than consumption, pushing stocks up again in the latter part of 2001.
Since these are key components in claim costs for the casualty insurance lines, it follows that those lines have experienced increases in claim costs that are considerably above the general inflation level.
These are two obstacles foundrymen must overcome to increase the functionality of thin-wall ductile iron castings.
The latest increase should add 3-4[cent]/lb to suppliers' profit margins.
The unsuspecting taxpayer who made cumulative gifts before 1998 in excess of the old unified credit may believe that he may make additional gifts equal to the incremental increase in the applicable exclusion amount without incurring gift tax.
Higher income and wealth and the consequent increase in consumer confidence have increased the willingness to both spend and borrow.
The Superconducting Super Collider would get $650 million, a 28 percent increase.
Because total outlays or cost (TC) is the product of price and quantity (P x Q), freezing P had little effect on total cost because of the increase in Q.
The Board proposes to increase the dividend to SEK 1.
The average price increase for the 167 owners interviewed was 13.
Use of asthma medication is associated with an increase in the number concentration of ultrafine particles (Von Klot et al.