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incorporate someone or something in(to) something

to build someone or something into something; to combine someone or something into something. We want to incorporate you into our sales force very soon. The prince had incorporated himself into the main governing body.
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The "Loan Portfolio Management" section has been revised to incorporate a detailed discussion on tying arrangements.
The "Deposit Accounts" section has been revised to incorporate this June 15, 2004, interagency advisory that was issued in response to inquiries the agencies received on whether financial institutions should do business and establish account relationships with those foreign customers cited in the advisory.
Super Vision International's vision is to incorporate Light, Color and Imagination with advanced technology to become one of the world's leading suppliers of lighting and lighting control products that add visual excitement, accent, impact and identity to commercial and residential lighting projects around the world.
Developed by the Dermot Company, the Mosaic incorporates many green design features including site planning and massing that maximizes exposure to natural light and views, integration of high performance HVAC systems with turbine-generated power produced onsite, green roofs, and utilization of a variety of locally available building materials to celebrate a look rooted in the regional community.
s iTheater(TM) system, which incorporates Kopin's BDM(TM)-230K binocular display module in a compact eyewear weighing just 2.
s EVG230 MagicEye Cinema(TM), which incorporates the BDM-230K and has integrated batteries in the stems of the eyewear.