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include someone in (something)

to invite someone to participate in something. Let's include Terri in the planning session. Without asking, Henry included himself in the group going on a picnic.
See also: include

include someone or something among something

to count someone or something as a member of a group or collection. I am happy to include you among my friends. Do you include chocolate among your favorite flavors?
See also: among, include

include someone out (of something)

Fig. to exclude someone from something. (Jocular.) I am not interested in your games. Include me out of them. Include me out too.
See also: include, out

throw something into the bargain

 and include something in the bargain; throw something in
to include something extra in a deal. To encourage me to buy a new car, the car dealer threw a free radio into the bargain. If you purchase three pounds of chocolates, I'll throw one pound of salted nuts into the bargain. She threw in a free calendar.
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Include me out

I want no part of it. Movie producer Samuel Goldwyn had as many malapropisms and other odd quotations attributed to him as Yogi Berra has, including “That oral contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on” and “Anybody who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined.” One that caught on above and beyond the entertainment business was Goldwyn's “include me out” for any situation of which someone didn't want to be a part.
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Products: QuickTax 1040 ($495) includes 50 forms/schedules, 28 states available ($100-$200); LMS/Tax 1040 ($1,995) includes 50 forms/schedules, 28 states available ($400-$500); LMS/Tax 1120 ($700) includes 19 forms/schedules, Arizona, California and Colorado available ($200); LMS/Tax 1065 ($700) includes 18 forms/schedules, Arizona, California and Colorado available ($200); LMS/Tax 1120S ($700) includes 18 forms/schedules.
Safe Harbor" Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This release includes forward-looking statements intended to qualify for the safe harbor from liability established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Support equipment includes CNC machining centers, CNC EDM machines, gun drill, and large-capacity grinding.
Elastomer metering/dispensing capability includes continuous degassing.
SCOPE OF AUDIT: The audit shall include all funds of the DISTRICT including the student body and cafeteria funds and accounts and any other funds under the control or jurisdiction of the DISTRICT including those pursuant to a joint powers agreement.
Therefore, inhalant abuse prevention strategies should be multicomponent and comprehensive, and include family-based and school-based components.
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The company's workplace protections and benefits for gay employees are comprehensive and rich, including a written nondiscrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity as well as domestic-partner benefits for all unmarried couples.
The budget request includes $736 million in machine readable visa (MRV) fee revenues for continuous improvements in consular systems, processes, and programs in order to protect U.
Shaping equipment examined during the course will include heads (inline, crosshead - wire and hose, coextrusion - profile and tire, breaker plates and screen changers), and dies (types and design criteria, flow - viscosity, pressure-flow relations and swell, drawdown, sheet dies - calendering, single roller die, double roller die and tire belt die, profile dies - product design, die design, die operation, coextrusion dies, coating dies and orientation control, design computations such as die face dimensions, internal die dimensions and die with carrier, die relief strategies - straight cut, back relief and face relief, and finite element simulation - vehicle seal dies and carrier dies).
QUALITY OF LIFE includes an interesting presentation of the relevance of patients' will to live and the interaction of body, mind, and health.
The service recipient is allowed the deduction for the tax year that includes the close of the tax year in which "such amount is included in the gross income" of the service provider.
Current Status: This includes a review of the loan's book balance, if the loan is on accrual or on non-accrual (i.