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incline away (from someone or something)

to lean or slope away from someone or something. I inclined away from her to avoid her alcohol breath. The land inclined away from the house.
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incline forward

to lean forward; to slant forward. The earthquake-ravaged building inclined forward a little bit more and looked as if it was going to fall. My chair inclined forward and I kept feeling as if I were going to fall off.
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incline something forward

to lean something forward; to make something slant forward. Incline the light forward a little bit, so you can see better. The fence had been inclined slightly forward to make it harder to climb.
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incline toward someone or something

1. to lean or slant toward someone or something. The piece of scenery inclined toward Roger very slowly and he jumped out of the way just in time. The tree inclined toward the direction of the wind.
2. to favor or "lean" toward choosing someone or something. I don't know which to choose. I incline toward Terri but I also favor Amy. I am inclining toward chocolate.
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incline your ear

listen favourably. literary
Incline thine ear is an expression used throughout the Bible, for example in Psalms 17:6: ‘I have called upon thee, for thou wilt hear me, O God: incline thine ear unto me, and hear my speech’.
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The vehicle, made of a wooden plank, a small railway wheel and a metal bar, was made by men at Craig Ddu slate quarry in Blaenau Ffestiniog and used by them to travel down a steep incline home after a day's work.
Not long afterwards a workman, a novice at the art, went out of control and was thrown off the incline and killed.
The pattern of friction inserts can be custom designed to allow optimum covering for the angle of inclination required for either incline or decline conveyors
Maximum incline or decline angles can vary, depending on conditions and materials being transported.
Photo 3 shows the exercise being performed manually from the seated position on an incline bench.
Heavy-duty conveyors constructed from six-in, anodized aluminum profile and available in horizontal and incline models.
Three ribs of teaching and communal accommodation run up the incline (the outer two contain classrooms, the middle one, common areas: refectory, library, labs, workshops and so on).
The X5 model, which inclines to 30 percent and has a slightly different feature package, is available at NordicTrack and Sears retail stores and www.
4) Construction of 4 nos of air crossing for return airway for panel A-2 & Panel H working of Nandgaon Inclines of Chadnrapur Area 5) Construction of brick wall in acute angled pillar beneath rail way land with in 45m from
The Vivian Quarry was served by a series of inclines and we have reconstructed the lowest-but-one of these, the V2.
Offers a complete line of post-molding parts-handling equipment, including horizontal and incline belt conveyors, separators, automatic box-indexing conveyors, water conveyors, and air conveyors.
We are thrilled to provide the kind of services that businesses need and desire when they can't afford a full-time executive team," says Wilhelm of Incline Solutions.
Most basic features and enhancements are not available with Outlook, said Dan Beadle, president, Incline Softworks.
Providing a solution for busy executives who receive large amounts of e-mail every day, Incline SoftWorks LLC (Incline) today announced eMailBoss, a new e-mail management tool designed to organize and prioritize enormous amounts of e-mail according to level of importance to the user.
FIC fixed incline conveyors for under-the-press have a three-ply monofilament, continuous one-piece belt, which avoids tearing and dragging.