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incarcerate someone in something

to imprison someone in something. The sheriff incarcerated Lefty in the county jail. He had wanted to incarcerate Max in the jail too.
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Each arrest, then, is an opportunity to deter the educable and incarcerate the incorrigible.
Rather, the growth reflects punitive policy changes that incarcerate more people for longer periods of time.
Imprisonment, Scott Christianson argues, has been a defining feature of American life since Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World with a crew composed largely of impressed sailors and until the present day, when federal, state, and local prisons and jails incarcerate almost two million people.
Mark Mauer of the Sentencing Project notes in The Race to Incarcerate (New Press, 1999) that African American defendants are three to four times as likely to get the death penalty, while Tonry reports that blacks charged with a broad range of offenses are more likely to be convicted than whites and that black convicts generally serve longer sentences than their white counterparts.