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incapacitate someone (for something) (for a period of time)

to make someone physically unfit for [doing] something for a period of time. The accident incapacitated Rick for further work for a year. Sam's carelessness incapacitated Frank for a month.
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24) Implicit in Zimring and Hawkins's concern for social welfare, however, is a markedly more utilitarian perspective on incapacitation.
There has been no report directly related to its risk of inducing ventricular fibrillation (VF), although preliminary findings suggest that the likelihood of inducing VF by neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) discharge is extremely low.
Because the propensity for crime declines with age, this should be considered in any policy recommendations favoring increased incapacitation.
Corrections officials will be interested in tertiary approaches, which involve incapacitation, rehabilitation, and treatment of offenders.
The pursuit of what was then called selective incapacitation fell from favor in the late 1980s because high-rate offenders turned out to be difficult to identify in advance, so the topic disappeared from academic discussions.
Tim Forte, a former official of the safety board who is now a safety expert at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, said the fact that there was no Mayday call was ``a strong indication of some sort of crew incapacitation.
The incapacitation effect, say criminologists, explains the divergent trends: People in prison can't commit more crimes while locked up and therefore crime rates drop as prisons fill up.
Having the foresight to develop a responsible plan to handle issues that may result from death or incapacitation is a difficult but necessary part of everyone's life plan.
5 mm ammunition which normally means incapacitation for CVR(T)s.
Others included the death of the farmer during the 2000-02 reference period, severe natural disasters, long-term incapacitation,and accidental destruction of livestock buildings.
If officers detect any type of incapacitation based upon their observations, they can perform additional testing, such as field sobriety or breath analysis tests.
A few frightening seconds in the discharge of a sprinkler system is likely to be much more tolerable than the pain of a thermal burn, the disfiguration that often accompanies these burns, or the incapacitation from carbon monoxide poisoning that may be caused by the uncontrolled burning of contents in close proximity to the patient.
Five of the weapons, which can cause pain and temporary incapacitation if directed at people, were found in his luggage as he returned to the city in June last year after flying from Amsterdam.
The research with human subjects is planned as a phased series of studies with Aegis proprietary human electro-muscular incapacitation devices (HEMI) and waveforms.
That deadline expires on Friday but because the week-long Jewish Passover holiday begins on Wednesday the declaration of permanent incapacitation has been moved to tomorrow - with the proviso that it will not take effect if Sharon's condition improves before the deadline, ministry spokesman Jacob Galanti said.