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incapacitate someone (for something) (for a period of time)

to make someone physically unfit for [doing] something for a period of time. The accident incapacitated Rick for further work for a year. Sam's carelessness incapacitated Frank for a month.
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Under current New Hampshire law, the only people who are legally authorized to make health care decisions for an incapacitated adult are an agent under a durable power of attorney for health care document or a guardian appointed by the probate court.
3215 explicitly outlines the rights that the alleged incapacitated party may be incapable of exercising.
Individuals have an interest in receiving medical care that is consistent with their beliefs and values, but this is only one of several factors that determine an incapacitated patient's best interests.
If you are incapacitated or die, it makes sense to have all critical papers in one place so your health care power of attorney, your executor, or a trusted friend or family member can access them.
The initial contact usually comes from a member of the incapacitated person's family--a spouse, a child, a sibling, or another relative.
If the incapacitated person does not have a loved one willing and able to serve, but does have assets, the court may appoint a professional guardian.
of Ida Abraham, 5/25/05, the First Circuit, affirming the Tax Court (TC Memo 2004-39), held that the value of property transferred on behalf of an incapacitated individual under court supervision to FLPs was includible in her gross estate under Sec.
Hardwick, the infamous 1986 decision that upheld Georgia's sodomy law--an incapacitated judge (in that case, Lewis Powell) actually cast the deciding vote.
Palo Alto, CA) has patented incapacitated whole cell bacterial immunogenic compositions produced by infecting a bacterium with Lys minus bacteriophage, which are deficient in the lysin protein.
The Incapacitated Person's Legal Protection Act (HR 1151, S 539) will give Terri, and those in similar situations, the same Constitutional protection of due process as death row inmates, common sense legislation.
Yet physicians taking care of these patients rated only a small number of them as mentally incapacitated.
In many cases federal programs provide these incapacitated people financial benefits.
One reason to open one is that, unlike a will, a living trust manages assets during your lifetime in the event you become incapacitated.
Nonprofit organizations sued state officials, contending that delays by a state mental hospital in accepting mentally incapacitated criminal defendants for evaluation and treatment, violated the defendants' substantive and procedural due process rights.
The bill addresses the possibility of a major party candidate for state office dying, or becoming physically or mentally incapacitated, before the November general election.