in wisdom

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in your/its (infinite) wisdom

using your or its knowledge or intelligence The city government, in its wisdom, decided to close the library and now kids can't use it for research or just plain reading. When I said we needed a bigger house, my wife replied, in her infinite wisdom, that we did not have enough money.
Usage notes: usually used humorously to show that something was not based on great knowledge or intelligence, as in the examples
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In Wisdom Quest, Ornish shares his proven techniques for improving health through relaxation and meditation and focuses on love and intimacy.
Both in Wisdom of Solomon and in Rom 1:18-31, in remarkably similar language, a Jewish author is saying that in their foolishness the Gentiles (that is clearly who is under discussion in both texts) failed to find God in created things, for which they are without excuse.
And, paradoxically, while Paul's "B" is headed in exactly the opposite direction of Wisdom's, his wording seems to operate with the language in Wisdom 15:1.
A Jewish reader of Rom 1:18-32 who knew the almost identical condemnation of Gentiles in Wisdom 13 and 14 (the "A") would expect it to be followed by Wisdom's "B," an appeal to God's kindness and truth, patience and mercy, on which God's own people can rely for safety and salvation.