in way

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in someone's (or something's) way

 and in the way of someone or something
Fig. in the pathway or movement of someone or something. Don't get in my way. That car is in the way of the bus and all the other traffic.
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*in someone's way

1. Lit. in the pathway of someone. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~; stand ~.) Don't get in Bob's way while he is bringing groceries in from the car.
2. and in the way of someone('s plans) Fig. interfering with a person in the pursuit of plans or intentions; hindering someone's plans. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; Stand ~.) I am going to leave home. Please don't get in my way. She intends to become a lawyer and no one had better get in her way. I would never get into the way of her plans.
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in somebody's way

also in the way of somebody
in a position that prevents someone from moving or making progress Several people stood right in my way, so I couldn't move. Why would anyone put any barriers in the way of parents who want to adopt these children?
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