in the hot seat

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in the hot seat

Faced with harsh criticism or judgment. I was in the hot seat when the boss found out that I'd caused that error in the report.
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in/on the hot seat

In a position in which one must face intense questioning, criticism, punishment, or scrutiny. The director will be in the hot seat today when he's called before the congressional committee to answer for the recent scandal. You can bet you'll be on the hot seat if the boss gets wind of this.
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in the hot seat


on the hot seat

COMMON If you are in the hot seat, you are in a position where you have to make important or difficult decisions, or where you have answer difficult questions. He spent three years in the hot seat as the chief executive of south London's Lambeth Council. Syd King was the club's longest-serving manager, with 30 years in the hot seat. Note: You can also say that you put someone in the hot seat, when you give them this position. Four years later, Dowd put presidential contender John Kerry in the hot seat, asking him the same questions.
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in the ˈhot seat

(informal) a position of responsibility in which you must deal with difficult questions, criticism or attacks: Our radio phone-in today is on transport, and the Minister of Transport will be in the hot seat, ready to answer your questions.
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hot seat

n. the electric chair. (see also in the hot seat.) The hot seat is just waiting for you, Lefty.
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in the

interest/interests of
To the advantage of; for the sake of: thinking in the interest of the whole family; ate breakfast on the train in the interest of time.
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Andy Gray's first campaign in the hot seat has been one of consolidation following his appointment last summer.
The MP has been a guest panellist on the cult BBC2 quiz show six times, but this is his first turn in the hot seat.
Fill-ins who've sat in the hot seat next to Reege have included Philbin's wife, Joy; East Coast broadcasters Kathleen Murphy and Mercedes Woods; and funny lady Caroline Rhea.