in the context of

in the context of something

in the circumstances under which something happens or has happened. In the context of a funeral, laughing loudly is inappropriate. In the context of an argument, it is fine to speak firmly.
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The need to examine genetic and environmental influences and behaviors in the context of dynamism of interactive aging systems is increasingly apparent, and unprecedented opportunities to do so are now available.
But perhaps in the context of state development and warfare, what Cohn is looking at is not a point of structure but one of conjuncture, one of those Braudelian cyclical sweeps which can alter even the structures of daily life.
Secretary Summers: "With respect to the general issue of offshore financial centers-sometimes referred to as `havens'--I expect us to provide, in the context of the money laundering strategy, a set of proposals, and I think that it will also indicate--"
In the context of labor history, Lott's discovery of "Love" in blackface minstrelsy is an attempt to turn our attention to what may seem the ugliest pieces of working-class life in order to understand how they can reveal labor radicalism and abolitionist sensibilities, however conflicted.
Ohio 1993), the court held that the sistership exclusion precluded coverage for abatement costs in the context of lead pigment in paint.
Marginize creates a social space on every webpage, in which users can interact through comments and check-ins, in the context of the page they are browsing.
Eleven essays examine the rhetoric of empire; discuss relations between Europe and the United States in the context of differences over Iraq; consider Reagan's secret wars in Central America, US colonization of the Philippines, and the post-WWII occupation of Japan as analogies for the Iraq war; and assess the impact of the Bush war on international liberal institutions.
s operations were small in the context of the overall general insurance market, the company is well represented in the corporate market.
bombing raids on Libya from 1981 to 1986, although apparently based on no evidence of Libyan involvement in any of the terrorist attacks of the time--the Rome and Vienna airport attacks, the TWA Rome to Athens flight and the West Berlin nightclub bombing--have been explained in the context of a decision made by Reagan in 1981 to attack Libya.
Presently unclear is what constitutes a national defense expenditure in the context of a continuing war on terrorism.
Unfortunately, the show is so cleverly constructed that its one-liners are only hilarious in the context of the episodes in which they appear.
Arrests and convictions of immigrants of color in this country occur in the context of racist enforcement and penal policies," says Borann Heam, coordinator of the Khmer Freedom Campaign in the Bronx, NY.
Matthew Steggle's monograph, The Wars of the Theatres: The Poetics of Personation in the Age of Jonson, places satiric comedies by his contemporary professional dramatists squarely in the context of "struggles about the nature, status, and future of professional drama.
One question is foremost on both their minds: How will the work Johns has realized since his 1977 retrospective at New York's Whitney Museum of American Art stack up, in the context of his broader oeuvre?