in the business of

in the business of doing something

to have something as your main purpose Film makers are in the business of creating illusion.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form not in the business of doing something: Our organization is not in the business of helping people break the law.
See also: business, of

not in the business of doing something

if you are not in the business of doing something, you do not do it, usually because you think it is wrong I'm not in the business of causing trouble.
See also: business, of
References in classic literature ?
The general prevalence of agricultural pursuits of a quiet and gradual nature, not requiring those periodic seasons of hurry and pressure that are called for in the business of more southern districts, makes the task of the negro a more healthful and reasonable one; while the master, content with a more gradual style of acquisition, has not those temptations to hardheartedness which always overcome frail human nature when the prospect of sudden and rapid gain is weighed in the balance, with no heavier counterpoise than the interests of the helpless and unprotected.
Continental, which had after tax earnings of $607,000 on revenues of $7,126,000 for the first three quarters of fiscal year 1994, is engaged primarily in the business of providing dialysis related equipment, services and supplies to individuals in their homes and other alternative sites in New Jersey and New York and has recently commenced providing some of such services in Connecticut.