in the bosom of

in the bosom of somebody/something

(slightly formal)
in a safe or comfortable place, esp. with family How often had I dreamed about being back in the bosom of my family?
Etymology: based on the idea of a mother holding her baby against her bosom (breast)
See also: bosom, of

in the bosom of somebody

if you are in the bosom of a group of people, especially your family, you are with people who love you and make you feel safe She was glad to be home again, back in the bosom of her family.
See also: bosom, of
References in classic literature ?
In his right pocket he had his letter of credit, in the left, his passport, and in a small leathern purse some double louis d'or, carefully sewn up in the bosom of his waistcoat.
I was a good Christian; born and bred in the bosom of the infallible Presbyterian Church.
Furthermore, he is rendered obstinate by a sulkiness occasionally incident to his temper, and brought on at present by the inadequate sensation which he conceives to have been produced in the bosom of Mrs.
His children fastened their eyes on his, as if to seek a direction to the strange emotions which were moving their own heavy natures, when the struggle in the bosom of the squatter suddenly ceased, and, taking his wife by the arm, he raised her to her feet as if she had been an infant, saying, in a voice that was perfectly steady, though a nice observer would have discovered that it was kinder than usual--
Nature quickened in the bosom of the mother at the sight; and she finally yielded the rights of the dead, to the more urgent claims of the living.
Death is a sad worker in the bosom of families, Ishmael
The coffin laid upon two line-tubs, between the vice-bench and the open hatchway; the Carpenter calking its seams; the string of twisted oakum slowly unwinding from a large roll of it placed in the bosom of his frock.
The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.
Chorus and soloists perform the hushed, intense "I Been 'Buked," which opens Revelations; the joyously swaggering "Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham," which invariably brings audiences to their feet at the work's close; and everything in between with zest, commitment, and plangency.
John Prescott in the bosom of the party he loves - last year enjoying the acclaim of the Labour faithful, this year having one of the worst weeks of his political life.
So I should be safe and sound in the bosom of the lesbian nation as I plow into my 50s.
There we prayed over her and put her in the bosom of the earth.
But Wang fils could find the perfect out for his leadership failures in the bosom of the men's movement.