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In a hurried manner, he replied in the affirmative.
With that he requested me to give his proposal my favourable consideration--saying that he would not like me to take such an important step unguardedly, since want of thought and impetuosity often spelt ruin to youthful inexperience, but that he hoped to receive an answer in the affirmative.
The landlady answered in the affirmative, saying, "There were a great many very good quality and gentlefolks in it now.
This, then, was my first glimpse of the garden; but I had not time to look long, the portress, after having answered in the affirmative my question as to whether her mistress was at home, opened the folding-doors of a room to the left, and having ushered me in, closed them behind me.
At the very instant he did this and uttered those words, Pierre felt that the question of his wife's guilt which had been tormenting him the whole day was finally and indubitably answered in the affirmative.
Hugh answering in the affirmative, they went slowly down to Westminster, where both houses of Parliament were then sitting.
Ali drew himself up proudly, and then returned a sign in the affirmative.
On his answering in the affirmative, "Then bring me another pint of this same wine, drawer, and come and wake me at ten.
Jaggers would be found to be "at," I replied in the affirmative.
These are questions that temerity alone will answer in the affirmative.
he asked; and when his companion had replied in the affirmative.
Adrienne simply answered in the affirmative, and then the commissionaire's admiration was redoubled.
He answered in the affirmative, and inquired whether the other were a Sioux.
It was not till the rays of the sun had absorbed the young stranger's retreating figure on the hill that she shook off her temporary sadness and answered her would-be partner in the affirmative.
The man answered in the affirmative, and, signing for the message, carried it within to Tarzan, who was already preparing to depart for London.