in stead

in somebody's/something's stead

(slightly formal)
in the place of someone or something else We gave Mr. Neil a power of attorney to deal with the landlord in our stead while we were out of the country.
See also: stead
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Today we have come across a team playing with energy and power, with two strikers in Stead and Davies we couldn't handle.
Bees have so far remained tight-lipped on speculation that one World Cup rider in Stead could be replaced by another in Eastbourne's Edward Kennett.
Town are playing down interest in Stead, manager Peter Jackson saying the club has not received any bids for the player and adding it would take a `huge' offer to prise Stead away from the McAlpine Stadium.
Itronics said that all building permits required prior to occupancy of the new plant, located in Stead, Nevada, have been obtained.
The new facility in Stead will also allow the company to expand its silver refining operation, a profitable by-product resulting from the proprietary extraction process.
The first was the completion of a neat move among the bacKs which resulted in Stead taKing the final pass to go over in the corner before adding the extras.