in shirtsleeves

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in (one's) shirtsleeves

Without a jacket of some kind on over one's shirt. Winters in this part of the country are so mild that we can usually stroll outside in just our shirtsleeves. By the end of the evening, all the men had shed their suit jackets and were socializing in shirtsleeves.
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in (your) ˈshirtsleeves

wearing a shirt without a jacket, etc. on top of it: Even though it was the middle of winter, it was so hot in the office that we were all in our shirtsleeves.
See also: shirtsleeve
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Four days later, in shirtsleeves again, she told Michael's supervisor that no one would help her find a coat.
I'm glad I'm working here,'' said Gonzalo Deleon, 37, a mailman in Reseda in shirtsleeves and shorts.
But what a weekend for golf - one minute we were in shirtsleeves, the next the clouds gathered over the Malvern Hills and a howling blizzard swept across Worcestershire.
26 at Central City Studios, host and co-producer Russell Crowe fronted the 800-strong audience in shirtsleeves before cameras rolled to lead a warm-up sing-along with Aussie musician Paul Kelly.