in shambles

in (a) shambles

Fig. in a messy state; destroyed. After the earthquake, the town lay in shambles. The TV set was in a shambles after John tried to fix it.
References in classic literature ?
Dropping the extra special on to the counter, he plunged his hand again into his pocket, and pulling out the piece of cloth fate had presented him with out of a heap of things that seemed to have been collected in shambles and rag shops, he offered it to Mrs Verloc for inspection.
RAWALPINDI -- The areas of the Cantonment Board are in shambles due to the negligence of the authorities to clean the mess up.
The Scot said that the hotel was in shambles, adding that they were in a room with no light, the food was late and cold.
On 14th Avenue, UO senior Luke Ross had only been gone two days when a roommate returned to Eugene to find their apartment in shambles.
He was responsible for John Schlesinger directing the film, asking Paramount and Tom Rosenberg to get him, thinking he could save a script in shambles and get a decent performance out of Madonna.
With the county probation system in shambles, perhaps it's time that local leaders were put on probation themselves.
As of this writing, the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority is in shambles, the future of the Authority's leader, Yasser Arafat is uncertain, and in a piece of symbolism strong enough to evoke tears, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the traditional birthplace of Christ, is under siege.
One attempt to boost morale ended in shambles when Brannan was held responsible for a Full Monty-style staff night.
Andrew left southern Florida in shambles, the first insurance claims
THE state budget may be in shambles, and workers' compensation is bankrupting the state, but Sacramento's more focused on the real burning issue of our day: Kids drinking Coca-Cola and other soft drinks.
According to LAUSD officials, the district hired Kwalwasser at a critical time, when the legal office was in shambles.