in shadow

in somebody's shadow

if you are in someone's shadow, you receive less attention and seem less important than them For most of his life he lived in the shadow of his more famous brother.
See also: shadow

in/under something's shadow

if you are in the shadow of an unpleasant event, you cannot forget that it has happened or might happen in the future The local population were living under the shadow of war.
See also: shadow
References in classic literature ?
From the distance and the elevation of the highlands where I stood the Pellucidarian noonday moon showed half in sunshine and half in shadow, while directly be-neath it was plainly visible the round dark spot upon the surface of Pellucidar where the sun has never shone.
I stole round by the eastern end, keeping close in shadow, and at a convenient place, where the darkness was thickest, crossed the palisade.
It was partly covered in shadow, but he could see that it was a human figure.
The figure lay upon its back, its upper part in shadow, but standing above it and looking down upon the face, he saw that it was a dead body.
The right arm--the one farthest from him- -was now in shadow.
The Digital GEM plug-in is the newest addition to the software suite of image correction and enhancement plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and compatible image editing applications, which includes the Digital ROC plug-in for color correction/restoration and the Digital SHO plug-in for revealing hidden details in shadows or dark image areas.