in relation to

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in relation to (something)

Regarding or related to. The phrase highlights the relationship between multiple things. In relation to your vacation request, I'm sorry, but we can't grant it while we have three people out on leave. I think that we should write up another report, in relation to this one, so that we have a full picture of the budget for next year.
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in relation to someone or something

relating to someone or something; in connection with someone or something. I mention this fact in relation to your proposed trip. Let's discuss Bill in relation to his future with this company.
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in relation to

In reference to; in connection with: This letter from the bank is in relation to your mortgage.
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References in classic literature ?
They can only be thought of in due proportion when conceived in relation to one another.
And of this kind I spoke as the intelligible, although in the search after it the soul is compelled to use hypotheses; not ascending to a first principle, because she is unable to rise above the region of hypothesis, but employing the objects of which the shadows below are resemblances in their turn as images, they having in relation to the shadows and reflections of them a greater distinctness, and therefore a higher value.
There is no station, in relation to which it is less proper than to that of a judge.
After being separated and questioned in relation to unfounded terrorism charges, Khalil, her mother, father, and two teenaged brothers were all turned over to INS and held in separate detention for two and a half months.
Imperial history performed a largely supportive, legitimating role in relation to empire, and was preoccupied with male domains without any consideration of questions of gender construction or of women and empire.
Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to general economic conditions in the computer and software industries, domestically and worldwide, the Company's ability to keep up with technological innovations in relation to its competitors, product defects or product development delays, developments in the Company's relationships with its customers, distributors and suppliers, changes in pricing policies of the Company or its competitors, customer purchasing behavior and the Company's ability to attract and retain employees in key positions.
These discussions will center on the plans for the merged entity, particularly in relation to capitalization.
In relation to the multimedia conferencing category, the magazine states that with MeetingPoint, "H.