in one breath

(all) in one breath

Fig. spoken very rapidly, usually while one is very excited. Ann said all in one breath, "Hurry, quick! The parade is coming!" Jane was in a play, and she was so excited that she said her whole speech in one breath.
See also: breath, one
References in classic literature ?
Nay, I have so entirely set my heart upon it, that if you should refuse me, you will kill both a barber and a surgeon in one breath.
The boy turned red with pleasure, and picked at the buttons on his jacket, while listening to this unexpected praise; but when he spoke, he looked straight up in his father's face, while his own shone with pleasure, as he answered, in one breath, "Thankee, sir.
It found a dozen young fellows on the settees in the billiard-room, drinking whiskey and soda-water in their overcoats and pyjamas, and still talking excitedly in one breath.
Good-bye," shouted Cadmus, Phoenix, and Cilix, all in one breath.
She poured the sentence forth in one breath, but her sister understood it, because it touched on thoughts that were familiar between them.
In one breath she asked hundreds of questions about Mr.