in limbo

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*in limbo

1. Lit. a region of the afterlife on the border of hell. (In some Christian religions, there is a limbo set aside for souls that do not go to either heaven or hell. This sense is used only in this religious context. *Typically: be ~; remain ~; stay ~.) The baby's soul was in limbo because she had not been baptized.
2. Fig. in a state of neglect; in a state of oblivion; in an indefinite state; on hold. (*Typically: be ~; leave something ~; put something ~.) We'll have to leave the project in limbo for a month or two. After I got hit on the head, I was in limbo for about ten minutes.
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in limbo

1. In a condition of oblivion or neglect, as in They kept her application in limbo for months. [Early 1600s]
2. An intermediate or transitional state, as in After his editor left the firm, his book was in limbo. [Early 1600s] Both usages allude to the theological meaning of limbo, that is, a place outside hell and heaven to which unbaptized infants and the righteous who died before Christ's coming were traditionally consigned.
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in ˈlimbo

in a state of uncertainty or between two states: We’re in limbo at the moment because we’ve finished our work in this country and now we’re waiting for our next contract.Our plans for renting an apartment in Spain are in limbo at the moment.In some Christian beliefs, limbo is a state that is neither heaven nor hell, where some souls live.
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She systematically reviews how the articles of the Convention can address the limbo situation of recognized stateless persons--issues from residency, to employment, religious freedom, right of association, education, and so on--all typical of the limitations faced by persons in limbo.
Yet it's difficult to fathom the Lads in Limbo would make any serious financial move without the behind-the-scenes approval of McCourt.
This money is in limbo until the Mayor and Council determine who is responsible," O'Toole said.
Magee said: "Things are just in limbo for me right now.
HIGH and Mighty Coventry Blaze coach Paul Thompson has ruled out swooping for any players left in limbo by the demise of Milton Keynes Kings or Peterborough Pirates.
As other clubs prepare for the January transfer window, Levein admitted his plans are in limbo until the issue has been resolved.
Nader Ghanaat said his 26-year-old brother's immigration status has been in limbo since Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 and some family documents in Kuwait were destroyed.
It seems that Pope Pius VI in 1974, rejecting a Jansenist heresy, taught that one may believe in limbo, a "middle state" of happiness that is not in heaven with God, and still be a Catholic.
I feel like I'm in limbo,'' said James Seeley, Los Angeles' chief legislative representative in Washington.
Monday's announcement that the 62-year-old West is stepping down as the Lakers' executive vice president - to take at least a year away from the sport - leaves him and the franchise in limbo.
That was the beginning of our family struggle with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, a government office affiliated with the Department of Justice, whose ``justice'' is to annoy American citizens and keep them in limbo.
An application written in Limbo will run unchanged on any or all of those devices across any network.
Pete Wilson, who supported Proposition 187, appealed the judge's decision, and the issue has remained in limbo since then.