in leaps and bounds

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in leaps and bounds

By very large degrees; rapidly or in quick progress forward. Our small company has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past year, thanks in no small part to our aggressive new marketing campaign. What was once a tiny local choir club has expanded in leaps and bounds over the years.
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in leaps and bounds


by leaps and bounds

COMMON If something or someone grows or progresses in leaps and bounds or by leaps and bounds, they grow or progress very quickly. Once your child passes his second birthday, speech develops in leaps and bounds. He's improved as a player in leaps and bounds this season. The U.S. population grew by leaps and bounds.
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by/in ˌleaps and ˈbounds

in large amounts or very quickly: My knowledge of German increased by leaps and bounds when I lived in Germany for a year.Production is going up in leaps and bounds. OPPOSITE: step by step
See also: and, bound, leap
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Look out for total mileage growing in leaps and bounds.
Our business has grown in leaps and bounds over the years because of our people and because of diversification of equipment," Merkley says.
Skype has grown in leaps and bounds by making it simple for anyone across the world with an Internet connection to do something they could not do before - talk for as long as they like, to whoever they like for no cost.
As a result of the outstanding performance delivering of a machine which was in leaps and bounds a step above the rest, as well as in a Two Hundred (200%) faster production margin than the competitor's, D Mecatronics is proud to announce the receipt of a signature purchase order exceeding 400,000 USD from one of our many major customers, whom is a leader in the automotive industry.
I believe that "HTRE" will continue to grow in leaps and bounds while giving everyone the chance to create their own Hip Hop 'Piggybank'.
The dial-up ATM market is growing in leaps and bounds, so naturally we want to achieve critical mass there," said TNS president and CEO John J.