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As much a transformational book for the self as it is a discussion of how the Moon has been perceived since British and Irish prehistory, Queen Of The Night discusses both astronomical and spiritual manners in layman's terms.
From the historical and modern-day role of religion in Middle Eastern society, to the role of women, the structure of politics, and the often violent history of armed conflict within the region, Understanding the Contemporary Middle East presents complex reality in layman's terms.
In layman's terms, ships that call on non-certified terminals become "contaminated" and may not be allowed to dock at certified ports afterwards.
Illnesses and treatment are explained in layman's terms.
It simplifies the city's budget and puts it really in layman's terms and gives the public an idea of where the money goes,'' said city spokesman Ritch Wells.
Ogren explains in layman's terms what botanical basics, such as size, shape, colon fragrance and sex, turn a garden from a place of peace into a war zone for itchy eyes.
0), which describes, in layman's terms, what the Y2K problem is, what its effects on the PC are (in hardware and software), and the changes that some PCs require in order to achieve compliance.
The Hotline Code Book, listing more than 800 codes describing the most commonly performed medical and dental procedures in layman's terms, is available free of charge by calling 800-383-3434, or by writing to P.
Her extensive understanding of reading, coupled with her ability to clearly and in layman's terms draw the connection between the neuroscience and the differing needs of students with reading problems, made these audiences very receptive to the Fast ForWord message.
In layman's terms, that meant the mobile exploration vehicles can find their way around rocks and other obstacles, mapping as they go.
The Dynamics of Technology for Social Change answers this question by laying out the issues and providing strategic solutions in layman's terms.
Written and edited by the staff of The Legal Intelligencer, with contributions from some of the top business attorneys in the region, the Mid-Atlantic Executive Legal Adviser analyzes key legal issues in layman's terms and complements GC Mid-Atlantic's coverage of business-related legal topics for in-house attorneys.
The March 20th conference brings together a prestigious panel of experts who will distill in layman's terms the benefits of XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language), and the need for the investor relations industry to understand its important implications in terms of how they disseminate data to key audiences.
The new site explains the basics of REITs and REIT investing in layman's terms, and provides useful information about how to invest in this increasingly popular sector of the stock market.
Wilson also gave a presentation of New Visual's Cu@OCx technology, and provided an overview of the transmission technology in layman's terms as well as the company's development plans for both the technology and future products.