in heaven's name

in heaven's name

A phrase of exasperation used to emphasize a question. What in heaven's name are you doing in here? The car needs a new engine, but where in heaven's name are we going to get the money for it?
See also: name

in ˈGod’s/ˈHeaven’s name


in the name of ˈGod/ˈHeaven

used especially in questions to show that you are angry, surprised or shocked: What in God’s name was that noise?Where in the name of Heaven have you been?
See also: name
References in classic literature ?
In heaven's name, man, cried Stubb, are you ramming home a cartridge there?
In Heaven's name, she is so good, so gentle and pure, that your mind, so perfect in its penetration, ought to appreciate her accordingly.
What in heaven's name was he dreaming of--what in heaven's name did he hear?
Who, in Heaven's name, can have thought of such a thing, when M.
on the other hand, how in Heaven's name could I give up my grand enterprise at the very time when even wise and prudent Mr.
Go, sir," replied the tutor; "but in Heaven's name do not expose yourself to danger
Let him, in Heaven's name," returned Clara; and not to hear him she stopped both ears with her hands, at which Dorothea was again surprised; but turning her attention to the song she found that it ran in this fashion:
you so clever, so cultivated, so refined--what, in Heaven's name, could
It is possible, but if you are not the son of John Clayton then how in heaven's name did you come into that God forsaken jungle where no white man other than John Clayton had ever set foot?
Why, in Heaven's name, this was the quickest thing in the amatory annals of civilization
Do me the favour, my dear young lady, to leave entirely out of the question that goodness and benevolence of which you speak, and of which nobody else knows anything; and if you have it in your power to produce any evidence which will alter the unfavourable opinion I was once induced to entertain of that poor child, in Heaven's name put me in possession of it.
Why in Heaven's name couldn't you tell me so before?
Dry your eyes and make yourself agreeable, in Heaven's name, and let us all be happy while we can.
I will fetch you a candle, sir; and, in Heaven's name, get up.
It must be, but in heaven's name, what is its turn?